Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Suck - vamp movie rec

Okay, so just had to mention this movie Rob and I watched the other night. It's called "Suck" and I am well aware the first instinct is to think porn, but it is in fact a very good vampire movie.

First of all it really is hilariously funny. Secondly the cast is superb. Thirdly the plot is highly entertaining. Fourthly the music is brilliant.

It's about a struggling band called The Winners, who suddenly find themselves much more popular after their female bassist is bitten by a vampire. There is also Alice Cooper playing a very weird bar tender, Iggy Pop playing a reclusive musician with a recording studio and Malcolm McDowell as the determined, focused and little bit insane vampire hunter.

The whole movie is slightly cracked and much better for it. It's fresh and funny and well worth watching.

Amazon UK | Amazon US
Tags: genre: vampires, type: recs

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