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Rampaging plot bunnies ...

Okay, so I'm curious. Having just been the victim of a rampaging plot bunny (X-men 1st Class fic is now with Soph for beta, all 25.5K wds of it), I was wondering how many of you out there suffer from the same thing.

I have to admit, it doesn't happen all that often for me. I think the last time I was this broadsided by a fic is was when I wrote GTS, which was mostly finished in a single week, with only scenes here and there to finish after that. This last few days I honestly couldn't concentrate on anything else until I had Erik and Charles on the page rather than in my head. Apologies for everyone waiting for things from me, I have no excuses, just complete inability to control my creative urges for a few days.

If you get attacked all the time, I would love to hear your coping methods. If you are incredibly disciplined and can keep your muse in order, I would also love to hear about that :).

To start with, a little poll.

Poll #1763125 Bunnies

Are you ever attacked by rampaging plot bunnies?

No - I have better self control
No - I don't write

How do you get rid of them?

I write down the plot and its expunged.
I have to write the whole thing right then.
I told you, I have better self control than that.
I don't write ...
Depends (please feel free to wax lyrical in a comment :))
Other (please tell me in comments)

What is the longest fic you've ever had to write and not stop until you were done? (link if you would like)

Tags: info: fic stuff, info: fic writing

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