Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Would anyone mind tagging Cat's Call and/or Sacrifice of An Angel on Amazon for me, please?

Tags help people find the books so the more people who tag them the better they show up. Amazon took them away for a while because people were abusing them.

You don't have to have bought it on Amazon to tag it.

If you have any trouble seeing the tag options (they're towards the bottom) hit tt (that's the t key twice fast) while on the book page and the tag window will pop up. If you can see the tags, just clicking the boxes would be wonderful thanks.

Thank you ever so much to anyone who is willing to help me out.

Cat's Call by Natasha Duncan-DrakeCat's Call on Amazon US
Cat's Call on Amazon UK
Just in case the tags don't show up, you can cut and paste these :)
cat shape, cats, fantasy, kindle, magic, other worlds, shape changing, teen, urban fantasy, vampire, young adult, adventure, fantasy fiction, dragons, ya crossover
Sacrifice of An Angel by Tasha and Sophie DuncanSacrifice of An Angel on Amazon US
Sacrifice of An Angel on Amazon UK
Just in case the tags don't show up, you can cut and paste these :)
teen, fantasy, adventure, crime, murder, magic, urban fantasy, fantasy fiction, thriller, detective, urban fantasy detective, action, crime drama, action adventure, murder mystery

Liking the books at the top would also be a huge help, thanks.

BTW if anyone has books on Amazon and would like me to tag back, just drop me a comment with the link.
Tags: info: cat's call, info: sacrifice of an angel

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