Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Higanjima - Escape From Vampire Island

Okay so watched Higanjima - Escape From Vampire Island the other night and I loved it.

It's Japanese and has every Manga stereo type going, but it's beautifully filmed and quite pretty and it was highly entertaining. I have been so disappointed with Asian vampire movies in the past, but loved this one. It's adapted from the on-going manga.

I won't give away what happened at the end, but OMG it set off so many slashy ideas in my brain.

Okay, so the story: Akira is a school boy who's brother Atsushi disappeared two years ago with his fiancée. This woman, Rei, convinces him that there is an island of vampires, from which she escaped, where his brother is still alive, but needs help. Hence Akira and his friends all dash off to help.

There is Yuki, the girl Akira likes but who likes Ken (and who we see handling a bow well that she never actually gets to use).
Ken, the tough, rocker dude with honour.
Pon, the abused, pathetic guy.
The geeky science nerd (whose name escapes me)
The comic relief guy (whose name also escapes me).

The big bad is a vampire named Miyabi, who at one point is naked and they really did paint most of him white. :) Nice arse.

It's so far from Twilight that it's a refreshing change. There's blood and swords and explosions and the one thing that amazed me was that not everyone was dead at the end. I've come to expect everyone to be dead in Japanese horror - LOL.

Well worth a watch.
Tags: fandom: higanjima, type: pimpage

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