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Just been trying to do a recording of part of the first chapter of Sacrifice of an Angel and boy do I suck at that today. My voice keeps cracking and I just don't seem to be able to get the words out.

I think I will go back to writing the novel instead ... it's much easier to type words than to say them it seems. Also - vampires - so win :).

Hopefully this means I will get some fanfic written as well ... see I've found my silver lining :).

Where is everyone at the moment ... it seems so slow around here and even on Twitter ... not a lot of talking going on. As usual there is a lot of hot air on Twitter, but not a lot of actual talking - LOL (I'm talking about the professional twitters here, if you were wondering).

Is anyone else having issues with Twitter today? Not everything seems to be showing up for me, especially mentions - it seems to be random.

Still can't get my head round Tumblr - it just does not make sense to me! Can someone explain it?

Thanks to those who have played in the giveaway so far :). I'll keep it running until it's not the 7th in any timezone.

Giveaway of Sacrifice of An Angel on Twitter today (7th)

We are running a giveaway on Twitter today for three copies of Sacrifice of an Angel.

All we're asking is a retweet and a follow (that's so we can contact you if you win because last time we discovered you can't direct message people who aren't following you).

Here is the tweet to RT

Thank you to everyone who plays today.
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