Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hello all - ramblings

First of all, so sorry for posting Tasha's Musing #4 without a cut ... I meant to put one in, but totally forgot. Have fixed it now.

Desperately trying to find time to write fanfic ... finally have the ending to my second help_nz fic and a plot for my help_japan one, so things are looking up. Last week was a bust, what with the book launch, a 500 mile round trip for a funeral and a bank holiday and today we have brother in law, his fiancée and kiddies round for tea. They are getting married at the end of the month and are shopping for wedding clothes for him in Canterbury at the moment. I hate to think how wet they will be.

Had to hack the Omeka code again this week to make the Wittegen site do what I wanted it to :). Not sure there is a solitary line of original code left in the display template for the books any more, I ripped it all out and did it myself.

P.S. Don't forget the competition to win an Amazon voucher over on the Wittegen site. The question is ridiculously simple, I promise ... it's only there to make sure it can't be classed as gambling or anything like that.
Tags: info: general

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