Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

TW: Witchville - with piccies!

I almost didn't watch it because Luke Goss' films can be very hit and miss ... Unearthed being an example of a miss and Blade II being and example of a hit :).

Loved it to pieces. Unlike other movies on Syfy lately like Sinbad and the Minotaur the acting was superb, even if the plot had lots of holes - LOL. Good costumes, good sets, not bad writing and so many buttons pushed.

Had the plot worked out from the moment it started, but you can't have everything I suppose ;).

So many semi-naked, nice looking men all chained up and tortured - happy, happy times. Has some kick arse female characters too :D.

Also hit my threesome kink like whoa! Jozefa and Malachi should claim Jason for their very own ::g::.

Look :D
Jason - torturedJason - tortured again
Jason (Ed Speleers - chap from Eragon) tortured Jason tortured again!
Malachi all tied upJozefa being kick arse
Malachi (Luke Goss) all tied upJozefa (MyAnna Buring) being all kick arse

What's not to love?

And if you doubt the slash?
Malachi and Jason

The only thing that really made me laugh was that all the main characters were supposed to be about the same age and they really didn't look it. I mean Luke Goss is 4 years older than me and MyAnna is twelve years younger, and Luke is looking good for his age, but not that good, and Jozepha is supposed to be the older twin. I'm also pretty sure Malachi and Jason are supposed to be contemporaries and Ed is nearly sixteen years younger than me. So yeah ... I giggles at that, but then there's magic, so it can all be explained away I am sure ;)
Tags: fandom: witchville

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