Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Cat's Call - Short stories

Cat's Call Short Story #3 - Athletic Prowess has just gone out.
If you think you should have a copy and have not received one, please comment and LMK. (This story was for anyone who liked us on Facebook and mentioned us on their FB - or for anyone who did three or more of the promo options).

So far four of the stories have gone out, #1, #2, #3 and #5 - if you believe you should have received these and have not had them, please LMK. Thank you. I only had bounces from one person and I believe we sorted that out.

#1 is for an Amazon review,
#2 is for a Goodreads review
#3 is as mentioned above and
#5 is for a tweet linking to the book with @wittegenpress or a retweet of one of our tweets about the book.

(#4 and #6 will be available shortly - anyone doing three or more automatically qualifies for all six)

If you have done any of these and would like copies of the short stories, please contact me and LMK which format you would like (ePub, Mobi(.prc) or PDF(A4)) and what email addie to send them to. You can use the contact form here: or just comment here.
Tags: info: cat's call, info: wittegen press

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