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TW: The Listener Pimp Post

Okay, I give up, I have a new fandom. I have icons ... it is now a fact. I want to write fic for it, but that's going to have to wait, since I have my three charity offers to finish first :). Doesn't mean I can't pimp though ::g::.

The Listener

This is the season 2 cast, they had a few changes from season 1.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I haven't seen season 1 yet and, reading between the lines, I think what they did was say to themselves, season 1 is good, but it is not great, let us revamp a little bit and try again. All I can say is I love season 2.

The Characters
Toby Logan from The ListenerToby Logan
So Toby (Craig Olejnik) is the main character. He's a 30 year old paramedic in the Toronto service and he happens to be telepathic. He's been telepathic his whole life and been a little afraid of it, but he's slowly coming to terms with it. He never knew his father and was raised in foster homes, his mother is assumed dead. In season 2 Toby teams up with the IIB (a special unit of the RCMP) and helps them solve some of their more difficult cases, while attempting to do his own job and lead a normal life.

Did I mention he rides a motorcycle?

If you've seen Thirteen Ghosts, Craig was the Torn Prince :).
Osman 'Oz' Bey from the ListenerOsman 'Oz' Bey
Oz (Ennis Esmer) is Toby's partner in the paramedic service. Oz knows about Toby's secret and supports him most of the way (also urging Toby to exploit his gift occasionally). In season 2 Oz has a love interest, Sandy, the triage nurse, but when has that ever stopped slashers? Oz is a loveable sidekick to Toby's more serious character and he's brilliant.
Sergeant Michelle McCluskey from the ListenerSergeant Michelle McCluskey
Michelle (Lauren Lee Smith) has risen quickly through the ranks to Sergeant and sometimes has trouble in believing it's not all down to luck. She is, however, a very good cop. The first thing she does when she meets Toby is arrest him, but she soon gets over that.

Michelle is played by Laren Lee Smith, who you may have seen in Mutant X and CSI. She's brilliant.
Corporal Dev Clark from the ListenerCorporal Dev Clark
Dev (Rainbow Sun Francks) is the communications specialist and Michelle's partner on the force. He seems to be able to find anything using a computer. In other words he's a gorgeous geek and another wonderful option for slashing Toby :D.
George Ryder from the ListenerGeorge Ryder
Ryder (Arnold Pinnock) is Toby and Oz's boss and he keeps a close eye on them. Oz always seems to be in trouble. I don't know about s1 but in s2 Ryder is more the comic relief with a little bit of seriousness thrown in occasionally. I find him highly entertaining.
Dr. Olivia Fawcett from the ListenerDr. Olivia Fawcett
Olivia (Mylène Dinh-Robic) is an E.R. doctor and Toby's ex-girlfriend. They are still good friends and occasionally they hint that Toby would like to get back together. She also knows about Toby's gift, being one of his two confidants at the beginning of the season. When Toby's telepathy starts to effect his health, she is there for him.
Sandy from the ListenerSandy
Sandy (Tara Spencer-Nairn) is the triage nurse and Oz fancies her something rotten. Their on going relationship if well done with out being over done. She has Oz right where she wants him. She doesn't know about Toby as yet.
Alvin Klein from the ListenerAlvin Klein
Alvin (Peter Stebbings) is the legal brains in IIB. He knows Toby is on the books as a confidential informant, but has no idea what he really does. The interplay between him and Michelle is highly entertaining.

What is not to love about this show. You have a telepathic paramedic who is a little unsure of his power. You have lots of lovely men to pair him with for the slashers and lots of lovely strong female characters to pair him with for the het shippers. There are also plenty of characters for other slash, femslash and het pairings.

The plots are entertaining, with no huge holes. The characters are likeable, but have struggles as well. We are given background information like crumbs which gives plenty of wiggle room, but enough to work with.

Admittedly, if you started in season 1, you probably have a beef about certain things that I will not mention because of spoilers, but the season 2 cast is superb. People should be watching this and writing hot fic!

Comms I have found so far
the_listener_tv and thelistenerfic
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