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TW: Cat's Call - now available in ePub format from Goodreads

Cat's Call is now listed for sale on Goodreads in ePub format. The list price is $2.99 (the same as, but is cheaper at the moment because they reduced it to $2.75. If you get on with Amazon, I really would prefer people to buy it there, but I understand that some people have issues with them, hence the additional listing.

Cat's Call by Natasha Duncan-Drake Title:
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Description:Charlie Waterman is eighteen and until he is assaulted by a cat figurine and wakes up with a tail, he is boringly normal. Seven great Spirits guard the universal Balance against the forces of chaos and it is time for them to choose new Questors to wield their power and be their mortal advocates. Charlie is supposed to be the Questor of the Cat Spirit, but no one bothered to ask him if he wanted to be. Taken to Between to explore his new powers he meets his fellow Questors: dragon; wolf; horse; spider; hawk; dolphin. They all seem to know what they're doing, but, fighting to maintain control, Charlie's two years too old and accidentally turning into a cat while asleep, which is plain embarrassing.
Series: The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman #1

Buying Options
NEW [Goodreads ePub $2.99]
[ £1.71] [ $2.99 (actually selling for $2.75 at the moment)]

Don't forget there is Bonus Content available for the novel, please check for details.

If you do not own a Kindle and wish to purchase from Amazon, never fear, for Amazon have Kindle aps for everything else as well.
UK site:
Kindle for PC
Kindle for iPhone
Kindle for iPad
Kindle for Android
US site:
Kindle for PC
Kindle for iPhone/iPod Touch
Kindle for Blackberry
Kindle for iPad
Kindle for Android

The title is DRM free, so you should also be able to view it on other devices.
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