Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Was having weird dreams last night!

xandutch you will be happy to know that you gave a whole heap of us lemurs as presents, which then mutated into cats.

I did mention it was a really weird dream, right? ;)

Also managed to turn the alarm off after it started and then fall asleep again. I will have to write more this evening to make up for it.

I'm currently editing two past fanfics, Black and White (werewolves) and one (vamps) that never made it to LJ because it was never finished, so that they are no longer fanfics. They're both well away from their source material so I don't have to whip too much out.

It's actually a lot of fun. I want to make them both at least novel length. The vamp one that was never posted is going to be easy to expand and B&W is actually turning out to be easier to give more plot as well. It helps that because it's no longer fanfic, there has to be a whole lot more background for the characters in there at points :).

Quite an interesting process actually, as I realise what we take for granted in fanfic, that we can't in an original story.
Tags: info: book writing, info: general

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