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help_japan Offers, Master lists and other events

I know a lot of us are offering things for help_japan because I keep seeing things pop up on my flist. However, I see them pop up and then can't find them again. I've seen other people making lists of those on their flist, so I thought I would as well. I'm adding those I've seen so far automatically (I may have missed some, sorry) and if you want to be added (either as an offer, master list or other events), please comment and I'll pop you on the list. *hugs*


Words offers

Mine - 1 fic, fanfic or original, click to see fandoms
frances_veritas - min 1K wds
misskittye - min 3K wds
knw - min 750 wds (probably more)
em_rose483 - min 2K fic
dracosoftie 2.5k min HP prompt fic, min 2.5K based on Merlin prompt and min 2.5K sequel to an existing fic or original
kitsuneyujji - 2.5-5K fic (longer depending on bid)
andantecantible - 1-2K wds
etacanis - min 3K fic (fanfic or original)
peki - min 2K wds
heeroluva = min 2K wds
snugglemint - Bid matches word count - eg $10 = 10K
thywillbedone - 5K-10K and 20K
omizu - 3K min

Art offers
red_rahl - One digital drawing of My Little Pony rendered character(s).

Other offers
lirren - quilted ornaments
swtjemz - Northern California box of goodies and a year of postcards
heard_the_owl - Rainbow cookies
fairlyironic - Two 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' comic books, signed by the writer.
oconel - Itai-itai mags
feikoi - doujinshi Bleach - Ichigo/Renji, Bleach ensemble and Spn Cas + Sam/Dean
toscas_kiss - Custom Jewellery
singlemomsummer - custom, handmade jewelry to the 3 highest bidders

Master Lists
swtjemz list of flist's offers posted
lemniciate has a masterlist of Merlin offers
[community profile] kradamadness - (DW) Listing of members offering things
th_fanfic - Master list of TH fandom

[community profile] kradamadness over on DW are also holding a fundraiser.

hd_relief - a new comm to raise money from the H/D fandom - Japan fest coming soon.
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