Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Tax hoops

Wow, I think I may have actually figured out how to apply for my ITIN (Individual Tax Payer Number - US) ... with it Amazon and Torquere won't have to keep 30% of the royalties.

I can actually send my passport in which is good. I figure it's cheaper to risk the real thing and maybe lose it in the post, than have to pay to get it photocopied and notorised and legalised etc - which is ironic. [Edit and by lose in the post, I mean send it special delivery to minimise the possibility - that I don't mind splashing out on. What I object to is paying someone £70 for photocopying my passport and signing it, then paying even more to have it legalised. One of the agents who could do the whole submitting for me wanted £450 to do it - one form and some photocopying!]

The form is tricky, but the create space website helped with that - others have been through the same pain.

Now all I need is the letter from Torquere saying I need an ITIN :). Didn't know I needed that until I saw the small print on the how to fill in the form instructions.

Why is everything so complicated?

You know what was really frustrating? I phoned the US Embassy in London - IRS department, and they put me in a queue - not a problem, except it only let it go round twice and then cut the line! How are you supposed to get through if they won't let you wait?
Tags: info: book writing

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