Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Harry Potter Fanfic Communities

This is a list of all of the Harry Potter communities I look to for fic. If anyone knows of anymore good ones then leave a comment and I'll add them.

accio_gents - Accio Harry Potter Boys
blond_azkaban- Draco Malfoy's favorite dive
caput_draconis - Draco, please pass the Harry
dracomalfoyfans - Draco Malfoy Fans
dracomalfoys - Draco Malfoy Fan Community
harrydraco- The Shippers of Harry and Draco's Angsty Love
harrylovesdraco - ..\\.Harry <3's Draco.//..
harryslash - Harry Potter Slash
hogwarts_grads - Hogwart's Graduates: Adult "Harry Potter" Fans
hp_fanfiction - Harry Potter Fanfiction
hp_fictrack - HP Semi-Popular Fanfiction Track Service
hp_hardcore - HP Hardcore
hp_password - Platform Nine & Three-Quarters - journal codes
hp_slash - Harry Potter Slash (another one)
hpfanfic - Harry Potter FanFiction (another one)
hpfic - The Quill & The Scroll
hprecs - Harry Potter Fanfic and Fanart Recs/Links!
hpslash - Harry Potter Slash (number 3)
ill_faith - Domus ex Improbitas Fides
malfoy_slash - Malfoy Manor
malfoyswh0re - Harry Potter Slash (number 4)
quibbler_recs - The Quibbler Harry Potter Recommendations
restrictsection - The Restricted Section
slash - Slash Writers
snape_potter - Greasy old git and impertinent brat
the_pimp_cane - The Pimp Cane where pervies come to play

From [info]katemonkey
[info]hp_girlslash</span> - for femslash
</a></b></a>pornish_pixies - short and hardcore
</a></b></a>hpdrabble - for short pieces
</a></b></a>pottersandwich - Harry/Hermione/Ron

From [info]thallos
[info]veelarecs (how could I forget this one :))

From dorrie6:
A recs-only community : </a></b></a>hp_for_lotrips


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