Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Drabble meme ...

I'm having a meh Monday morning. I'm trying to write my original stuff, but the muses are being bitches. Everything I type seems to be ... well ... meh! So in an effort to get the juices flowing I've decided to exercise the ole writing muscles, with your help if you're willing.

1. Drop me a comment with a one word prompt and a fandom I write in.
2. I'll drop you a quick drabble/comment fic.

Tokio Hotel, Sherlock, Adam Lambert/AI8, Highlander, Harry Potter, Merlin, Panik, Ice Skating, etc. (if you've seen me write it before, I'll write it again ;)).

Prompt: family issues for pomkeygeekange
Prompt - babysitting for epona34

Tokio Hotel
Prompt - Crying for furzry

Ice Skating
Prompt - comfort for pinkmeltingpot
Prompt - Epiphany for julyindecember

Prompt - Collywobbles for misswitch89
Prompt - icecream shop for reiya_wakayama

Prompt - Confusion (TH/Merlin/Sherlock) for subtlemagic

Cinema Bizarre
Prompt - tension for mieka_writes

Prompt - power-outage for dusk037

Adam Lambert
Prompt - Unsidhe (Unseelie) for aetas_lupus (this one turned out to be the beginning of a longer fic :)).

Harry Potter
Prompt - incarcerous (ropes spell) for kitty_fic (NC17 - very NC17)

N.B. These are all unbeta'd because they were just flashfics :)
Tags: category: slash, fandom: cinema bizarre, fandom: crossovers, fandom: ice skating rps, fandom: merlin, fandom: merlin rps, fandom: sherlock, fandom: tokio hotel, fictype: 01-3kwds, info: fic writing, pairing: is - johnny weir/evan lysacek, pairing: is - johnny weir/stephane lambi, pairing: me - merlin/arthur, pairing: mrps - bradley/colin, pairing: sh - sherlock/john, rating: g to pg13, type: fiction, type: meme

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