Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

WiPs ...

Thank you to everyone who answered my WiP meme post the other day ... was so much fun.

It also made me wonder:

Writers which of your own WiPs do you most want to finish (what's it called and what's it about) and why?

Readers why kind of stories are you dying to read at the moment? What fandom, what pairing, what genre?

I'd love to see if the answers to these two questions coincide. Oh and BTW, you can answer both questions if you like :).

[Edit: thought I better fill in my answers :)
The one I want to finish most at the moment is the Adam Lambert/Johnny Weir with vampires one, because it has been haunting me since before Christmas. Plus Johnny wrecked my ending by announcing he's moving to NY!

What I really want to read is werewolves and vampires and other creature fic. I'm not overly bothered by the fandom, but I really like it when the creatures are introduced into the canon somehow, just slightly warping it, rather than going AU (although a good AU works too of course ;)).]
Tags: info: fic writing

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