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Fic: Sacrifice to the Moon, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen, AU, Complete, NC17

Title: Sacrifice to the Moon (Ch 1 of 2)
Author: beren_writes
Pairing: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: explicit sex
Summary: AU - Kris is a prince in a land about to be beset by war. The land needs the help of the wolf mages to be victorious and their emissary is in the castle. The mage requires sex to transform and reach his full power ready for the battle. Kris is willing to sacrifice himself for his people.
Author's Notes: Okay so this idea has been floating around in my head for a few days, but the kradamadcakes Lupercalia, Take the Cake challenge made me start to write it properly. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word count: 17,474
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Sacrifice to the Moon by beren_writes - banner by katekat1010
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Chapter 1 A Small Sacrifice

Stepping into the room was nerve wracking, but Kris took a deep breath and bolstered his courage. The wolf mages were dark and mysterious and very, very dangerous, but the kingdom needed their help. Their emissary had to be treated with the greatest respect.

What he really didn't expect was to end up flat against the door the moment he closed it. There was an arm across his throat and a face a mere inch from his own. He could barely breathe.

"You are not what I asked for," the mage all but snarled at him, blue eyes boring into his own.

Kris had seen the mage once from a distance when he arrived and it seemed the mage had also seen him.

"You asked for a male," he said as well as he could manage with an arm to his throat.

That produced a snort of a laugh from the other man and the pressure on his neck released a little.

"Run back to your chambers, Princeling, I should have known your underlings would misunderstand me."

Then Kris found himself released and the mage was backing off. He had been dismissed, he could see that, since the mage turned his back and walked further into the chambers. The man was tall, much taller than Kris, and he was decked out in the blackest leather. The mage was also much younger than he had expected, not much older than he was.

Mothers frightened their children with stories that the wolf mages would come and take them away to be brought up to the ways of the wolf, but most of the mages who came out of the mountains were much older than this one. He seemed more than a little different.

It was said that wolf mages did not feel the elements like normal human beings and Kris could believe it when he looked at the man in front of him. The mage was only wearing pants and a sleeveless frock coat that fell open at the front. The chambers were warm from the roaring fire, but the man had arrived like that and it was not the season for such little clothing.

"They did not misunderstand," Kris said, covering his nerves with what little bravado he could muster; "I know what you require."

The mage turned back to him at that, pinning him down with those expressive eyes.

"You are innocent," was the surprising reply, "you have no idea what I require."

Kris felt his cheeks heat up. He didn't know how the mage knew he was untouched, but it made no difference, he did understand what the man wanted. Just because he had no experience didn't mean he was ignorant of the principle.

"Sex," he said, since there was no point in beating around the bush, "you require sex. I would never ask one of my people to do something I was not willing to do."

That earned him an arched eyebrow.

"And your father knows you are here?" It was said with sarcasm.

"My father is in the war room," Kris replied, refusing to back down, "planning tomorrow's battle. I have read about your people. If you are to be at your strongest to help us you must transform into your wolf shape tonight and to do that you need energy. The energy is greater the purer the giver isn't it. I am the first son, when my brother was born I was dedicated to the Goddess. I have been training for the priesthood, I have never even kissed another."

Their kingdom had always been a pious one. It was traditional that if the king had two sons the older would train to take vows and become the head of the church in the kingdom when his brother took the throne. The elder child was the greater gift and hence the greater sacrifice to the Goddess. Kris had been dedicated to their deity as a toddler and he had been educated all his life to take his rightful place.

It had never felt quite right.

When he had seen the mage and heard from the servants what the mage had requested, he had realised where his destiny truly lay. It was as if his path had finally become clear. This was how he could best serve his kingdom and his people.

"You are dedicated to the Mistress?"

Kris nodded. 'The Mistress' was what the wolf mages called one aspect of the Goddess. She was night and day, dark and light, moon and sun and the wolf mages worshiped her luna face. It was her dark gift that made them so powerful.

"Come here," the mage said, the whip of command in his voice.

Kris' legs were moving before his brain even caught up and he came to a halt just in front of the other man.


It was definitely not a request and Kris was not used to being ordered around, but he swallowed his pride. His people needed his sacrifice. They were outnumbered by invaders from the East, their only chance was the power of the mages.

The first thing he went to do was remove the pendant he always wore and he pulled it out from under his clothes. It was the symbol of his calling.

"Wait," the mage said as Kris went to lift the chain over his head.

He stopped immediately.

"You are still Hers, leave that on."

Kris wasn't really sure it was proper. Priests were celibate and holy and wearing a symbol of that seemed wrong, but the last thing he wanted to do was anger the mage, so he did as he was told. The mage's eyes never left him as he stripped each of his garments off and there was nothing innocent about the gaze on his body. He blushed and the more clothes he removed the hotter his skin felt as blue eyes tracked over it. When he was finally naked he just stood there not sure what to do next.

"You would have been wasted in the priesthood," the mage said and, to his surprise, turned and walked away from him.

He was standing there clothed only as the Goddess intended and the mage didn't even seem to be interested all of a sudden. For a few seconds he felt rather insulted. When that intense gaze hit him again though, it made his throat tighten and his skin tingle. The mage languidly arranged himself on the bed, just looking at him and Kris had to employ all his years of praying silently in the temple not to fidget.

For a little while the mage just watched him and he thought he might even be getting a hold of his blushing, until the mage moved. The moment the man shifted position Kris felt his face and neck heating up all over again, because the light caught the very distinct bulge in the mage's pants. The leather laces actually looked as if they were straining to burst.

Kris tried to swallow, but his mouth had gone completely dry. It was dawning on him that he was very much out of his depth.

His eyes seemed to be fixated no matter how he tried to fight it and he felt his heartbeat speeding up as the mage, ever so slowly, released the knot. He had been trained all through puberty to ignore all things sexual, but it was absolutely impossible to ignore that. His body reacted without his consent as the mage loosened the laces eyelet by eyelet and he finally figured out why he'd so easily been able to pass the tests when it came to females. His teachers had never thought to test his resolve with males. As the mage lazily pushed the leather down a little way, Kris felt all the blood draining away from his head.

The cock, nestled in a patch of curly hair, was fascinating and just a little bit intimidating even only half erect. The fact that the mage's hair down there was a different colour to that on his head made Kris flick his eyes up once, but he was hooked like a fish on a line and it didn't last long. When the mage reached out and very deliberately stroked himself, Kris kind of forgot about anything else. He had never been in the presence of anything so sexual and his body was making up for lost time.

"At least you're interested."

He managed to make his brain work just a little at those words and forced his eyes back to the mage's face.

"Last chance to leave, Princeling."

"Kris," he replied with a shake of his head.

There was protocol for dealing with mages and protocol for dealing with princes, but Kris didn't care about any of it anymore.

"Come here, Princ..." the mage paused and looked at him, "Kris," the man corrected himself.

For a second or two he didn't move, but then the mage patted the bed and he forced his legs into motion. The moment he did he was uncomfortably aware that he was fully erect as his cock bobbed gently. It was ridiculous; he seemed to have no control over his body at all.

"Now," the mage said as Kris sat down, "I am going to demonstrate what I want you to do with that pretty mouth of yours. Move up the bed."

Kris did as he was told, feeling self conscious all the way. He knew about sex in theory, but very vague theory and he honestly didn't know what the mage was talking about. His whole life had been about avoiding temptation and now he had walked straight into it.

"What..?" A look from the mage silenced him.

"Watch, feel and learn," was his only instruction and then the mage lowered his head.

His caught up with what the mage was going to do about a second before the man did it and then his brain short circuited, so he didn't have any time to worry about it. All he could think about was warm, wet heat as it slid over his cock and he moaned without the smallest thought to propriety. He was absolutely sure that nothing had ever felt like that before and his body hummed with every sensation. At one level he knew he was supposed to be paying attention and learning, but all he could do was feel.

The wonderful heat and heaviness in his lower regions just kept growing and growing. Even clutching the bed cover in a death grip didn't help him control himself and when the mage employed tongue as well, Kris just lost it. His whole body seemed to explode from the inside out and he made some breathless gasping noises and then he was shaking all over. The mage never stopped sucking and Kris felt as if he was being sucked dry. He really couldn't stop the whimpers that came out of his mouth.

When the mage finally pulled off with a soft pop Kris thought he was just about to lose his mind. He managed to peer at the man who had reduced him to completely nonverbal and blink in a very dazed manner. The one thing he did notice was that the mage's eyes were glowing softly.

"I've never tasted anyone like you before."

"Mage," Kris said softly, because he figured he was supposed to reciprocate, but he really couldn't move.

"Adam," the man said and smiled at him in a way that Kris didn't know how to interpret, "my name is Adam."

For a few moments Kris just looked at Adam, taking in the beautiful face and incredibly expressive eyes, and he couldn't really think. The light blue glow gave Adam's features a sharp ethereal air and Kris found himself breathless for reasons other than the physical exertion. He did not know this man, could not even begin to understand Adam, but he felt something inside him stirring that was nothing to do with the sex.

He'd never felt a connection with another human being in the way he felt to Adam at that moment.

The way he reacted was more instinct than actually thinking about what he was doing and he sat up, leaned forward and captured Adam's mouth in a kiss. He had seen couples kiss of course, but he really didn't know what it was supposed to be like and Adam's lips were much softer than he had expected. Adam's mouth moved against his in a slow rhythm and Adam's arms came around him and Kris was overcome with the desire to never stop what they were doing.

When Adam's tongue flicked lightly over his lips, he was a little surprised; he didn't think he'd ever seen anyone do that. It felt good, though, so he tried it himself and the moment he parted his lips, Adam's tongue was diving between them. He tasted something musky and salty and belatedly realised that it had to be his seed still in the mage's mouth. Some part of him tried to be disgusted, but the fire in his belly roared into even greater life and he sucked on Adam's tongue.

As Adam moaned and kissed him harder, Kris opened himself up to the whole experience. By the time Adam finally drew away, an age later, Kris was breathless and becoming aroused again, even though his whole body still felt over sensitised.

Sacrifice to the Moon by beren_writes - banner by katekat1010
banner by katekat1010

"Kristopher," Adam said, smiling again, "you are most unexpected."

Something about his full name from Adam's mouth made him tremble inside. It sounded so sultry and no one had ever said his name like that before. Kris wanted to hear it again and again and he felt as if he wouldn't mind waiting forever to do so.

Then Adam's smile became more of a smirk and the moment was shattered.

"Are you a quick study?"

There was a challenge in Adam's voice and Kris felt his male pride begin to rise, especially when Adam gave a very unsubtle glance down at his own groin.

"Very quick," he replied, dragging together his scattered wits.

He was a little surprised that when he pushed Adam off of him and onto the bed, Adam just went, but he rolled with it. The kissing had taken this experience to a whole new level for him, but he was willing to play the game.

"Do wolves like to be bitten?"

He smiled as he asked the question, pushing himself into a role he had never before played. Leaning over Adam, he lowered his head and nipped gently at the muscles of Adam's chest. His knowledge of sex was very limited; he was only supposed to know the bare facts of what to put where between a man and a woman just in case he was ever required to produce an heir. Other than that it was strictly forbidden for anyone to mention such carnal things to him. He had, however, overheard one of the soldiers talking about a night he had had with a woman. It had involved biting, at least the part he had heard had before he had almost been caught eavesdropping. He had overheard a few other things in his time, but that was what came to him at that moment.

Adam made what Kris thought was a happy noise at his initiative, so he did it again and then, on impulse, licked a stripe over one of Adam's pink nipples. The moan was louder when he did that, so he decided to combine both things he had learned.

"Holy fuck!" Adam said loudly as Kris nibbled on the mage's nipple.

Kris lifted his head quickly, just to make sure he hadn't done something wrong. The last thing he wanted to do was screw everything up. Adam was looking at him with slightly startled, but heavily lidded eyes.

"You," Adam said and then smiled, "are a natural."

The blush crept up Kris' face again, but he could not help the small smile of pleasure that went with it.

Kris liked having Adam's attention on him. In fact he liked it a lot more than he could have guessed. It wasn't the fact he had never been allowed this before either; it was more than that. Yes the elicit nature of what he was doing did cause skitters of excitement in his chest, but that was only part of it. Adam seemed to call to part of him he had not known existed.

Bending down again, he tried out what he had learned some more, noting Adam's reactions at every stage. He lavished attention on one nipple and then the other, eyes flicking every now and then to the healthy erection poking out of Adam's pants. He knew what his target was, but he was still enjoying getting there.

Adam's fingers were laced through his hair and Adam was not trying to direct what he was doing, but he still felt the odd twitch in a southerly direction. Smiling to himself, he began to work his way down the other man's chest.

It took him a little while, because the way Adam's muscles twitched under his touch was kind of fascinating, but eventually he did make it all the way down. He found himself just staring for a little while. Adam's cock was long and thick and was glistening with moisture on the end. When he licked his lips Adam gave an almost inaudible moan and Kris looked up at his lover through his eyelashes.

"I did not think it was your intention to try and kill me," Adam said and it was Kris' turn to feel just a little smug.

Once he set his mind to something, nothing could dissuade Kris and he opened his mouth and slid his lips over Adam's large member. The taste was definitely unusual and not quite the same as what he had tasted when he kissed Adam, but he kind of like it. It fired off thoughts and feelings in him that were new and exciting. The way Adam groaned, not even close to inaudible this time, but loud and very much appreciative, didn't hurt either. He had one simple reaction; this was good, so very, very good.

He didn't want to mess it all up, so he took his time. He tested to see what Adam liked and what Adam really liked, because as far as he could tell there wasn't really anything Adam disliked. Two things he learned pretty quickly was that his gag reflex was very much working and Adam kind of melted if Kris used his tongue just so on the underside of the head. Both were useful pieces of information, but the second was much more fun.

The fact that he wasn't as good at this as Adam was glaringly obvious, but he hoped enthusiasm counted for something. His mother had always told him he did everything with his whole heart and soul and in this case he definitely wanted to excel.

His jaw began to ache as time went on, but the way Adam's fingers were tightening in his hair and the rather explicit phrases that were falling from Adam's lips gave him a clue he was getting there. When Adam finally stiffened and made a valiant effort of not bucking those very powerful hips, it was a little bit of a surprise, but Kris was ready. He felt warm liquid hit the back of his throat and he swallowed automatically. The taste was far more intense than the refection he had tried from Adam's lips and it just seemed to reinforce everything he was experiencing. It screamed 'Adam! Adam! Adam!' at him and he could almost feel the magic the sex was causing.

He did not have the stamina to keep going like Adam had and he pulled back a little dazed. He had just taken Adam to the edge and thrown his lover over it and he was kind of pleased with himself and kind of shocked at the same time.

Adam was just lying there with his head back and his eyes closed and a smile playing at his lips. Kris thought maybe Adam was the personification of what people meant when they said debauched.

Climbing back up Adam's body, Kris held himself above the other man and waited. When Adam's eyes opened this time, the glow in them was even stronger. Feeling brave, Kris bent down and kissed Adam and Adam met him move for move. A small voice at the back of Kris' brain told him he wasn't really supposed to be enjoying this. He had come to Adam to do his duty, to save his people, but it was not turning out to be a chore at all.

"Pile up those pillows," Adam told him when they finally broke apart and the wolf mage extracted himself and stood up.

Kris couldn't help watching Adam move, it was kind of hypnotising in its sensuality, but when Adam raised an eyebrow at him be began to do as he had been asked. By the time he looked back at the wolf mage, Adam was naked and Kris just kind of stopped. In leather Adam had been impressive, naked he was even more so which disconnected Kris' thoughts for him.

"Oh," he said, feeling heat and desire rush all over his body.

He had seen other men naked before; the deacons and priests all ritually washed together at the beginning of the day, but none of them had looked like Adam. There were scars running all the way down Adam's left leg, but they did not diminish and rather added to the sum of the man. In the yellow lamp light Adam's skin was pale and golden and viewing the mage as a whole made Kris' mouth hang open just a little.

"Like what you see?"

Adam's tone was cocky, but there was something about it that made Kris look into Adam's glowing eyes. For just a moment he sensed uncertainty, something he had never expected of such a powerful man. It broke the spell, but not in a bad way and he nodded.

"Yes," he said, although his voice wasn't overly pleased at working.

The smile that came back at him was brilliant and genuine and Kris had to wonder where the playful man had been hiding when he had first entered the room. This Adam and the wolf mage who had first greeted him seemed to be entirely different people.

"Lie down over the cushions," Adam told him, "ass in the air."

Kris looked at the pile of pillows he had so carefully made and then back at Adam and felt his embarrassment rise to incredible levels. It sounded so humiliating. The only time his bare ass had ever been in the air was when he had been beaten for disobeying the rules. As he stared Adam's smile became softer and Adam moved towards him, kneeling on the bed.

"I promise you will enjoy it, Kristopher."

Adam's hand was gentle on the side of his face and he glanced back at the pillows. So far Adam had only introduced him to good things, but he couldn't help the nervousness which made his stomach flutter in trepidation.

"I must prepare you," Adam told him, whispering in his ear in sultry tones that made him shiver; "two men cannot simply join as a man and a woman can. The pillows will relieve the strain on your arms and legs."

It was a simple explanation and it did make things easier. With a small nod Kris carefully moved into place and lay over the soft barricade.

"Make yourself comfortable."

It took a little shifting around, especially since he was hard again, but he did eventually manage to find a position which, while embarrassing, was actually pleasant to be in. When Adam moved up behind him he encouraged him to spread his legs and Kris could hear the blood rushing in his ears.

He couldn't help it, when Adam touched him he trembled. He felt so completely exposed and vulnerable, but excitement was welling in his belly. He wasn't sure what exactly came next, but he had never been more glad of the time he spent every day washing and ritually purifying himself.

For long moments Adam just remained perfectly still and Kris was beginning to think he had done something wrong by the time his lover moved. He definitely did not expect what came next.

"I have a confession," Adam whispered in his ear, leaning over him so that they were skin to skin. "I do not require more energy to transform; you have already given me more than enough. If you wish to stop, you may go."

Kris' thoughts, at least what he had left, scattered to the four winds. With those words he went from doing his duty to having a choice and it changed everything. It also underlined what he was feeling the most: he wanted.

Sacrifice to the Moon by beren_writes - banner by katekat1010
banner by katekat1010

"Do..." He coughed as his voice failed him the first time. "Don't stop."

Adam placed a kiss on his shoulder.

"Trust me."

Part of Kris' mind, the tiny part still functioning, was surprised to find that he did, indeed, trust Adam.

Adam placed a swathe of kisses down his back and then he felt hands on his buttocks. It drew another tremble from him. Adam's strong hands gently kneaded his ass and very carefully spread him.

"Oh," he said in surprise when warm breath ghosted over his hole. "Oh," he added louder when that breath was swapped for a swipe of tongue. "By all that is holy," was what he said when the tongue returned and flicked back and forth.

So many sensations fired through his body and he tried to have so many reactions that all he managed in the end was a moan of pure pleasure. Adam's hands were firm and that tongue just would not leave him alone and Kris felt his muscles beginning to turn to water. It was so intimate and so completely different to just about his whole life that it took him out of himself. When Adam began to push against his hole with that seemingly powerful tongue, deliberately trying to breach him, he whined and to his mortification found himself pushing backwards.

"Eager is good," Adam told him, breaking away for a moment, "eager is very good."

When Adam returned to what he had been doing, Kris moaned even louder as Adam's tongue pushed as deep as possible.

It took him a little while to realise that Adam's tongue was actually breaching him and it was way too long for a human tongue. The hands that were holding him were still human, which meant another of the legends was true. Wolf mages could shift parts of their body at will.

That knowledge just sent Kris' mind into spirals and he was pretty sure he lost a significant amount of time as Adam opened him with his tongue. By the time Adam eventually drew back, Kris was a panting wreck and he barely registered as strange the fact that a small pot flew off the bedside table. He was so far gone that he just accepted what he saw.

"You were born for sex, Kristopher."

He was absolutely sure his father would not agree, but Kris was not about to argue. His skin was damp with sweat and the need curling around his belly was almost overwhelming. When Adam's hands touched him this time Adam's fingers were slick with something and Kris moaned as one was pushed ever so slowly into his body. Adam had done such a good job with that amazing tongue already that Kris felt himself opening up easily and one finger quickly became two.

Two burned a little and he involuntarily tensed.

"Relax, Kris," Adam said quietly, "just relax."

Kris did his best and Adam played him carefully, slowly opening him more and more. It felt like, well, it felt like nothing Kris could describe from his limited experiences and by then his embarrassment was completely forgotten. Adam could have employed the royal portrait painter to capture the moment for all Kris cared. All he wanted was more.

Then Adam brushed over a place inside him and he was pretty sure little lights exploded behind his eyes. Something that was probably a curse came out of his mouth at the same time, but he blamed that totally on Adam, since he could not be held responsible for anything just about then.

"Please," he begged, although he really wasn't sure what he was begging for.

He was so hard that his cock was aching, but he didn't want to find release yet. It was so much more than simply wanting that.

"Soon," Adam promised, "be patient."

Kris was feeling anything but patient. When Adam introduced another finger, he pushed back, impaling himself on Adam's fingers as quickly as possible. It burned as he was stretched, but it felt so damn good. He didn't care if he was acting like a cheap whore, or what his actions said about him, all he knew was he needed.

Adam refused to give in, however, and kept working him open slowly, every now and then rubbing over that spot inside that made everything so much more intense. When Adam finally pulled back, Kris was pretty sure he was ready to die if he didn't get what he needed.

Adam's large hands took hold of his hips.

"Lift yourself up onto all fours," Adam told him and he scrambled to obey.

His arms were not happy about taking his weight, but he locked them and forced his body to comply.

"Relax and breathe," was Adam's next instruction; "this will hurt at first; you will need to adjust."

Kris didn't care; he wanted Adam in him now.

One hand left his hip and then he felt the head of Adam's cock bumping against his hole. The first push was nothing; his body began to open to take in Adam, but then he was truly breached and he found out what Adam had meant. He grunted as his muscles screamed and tried to clamp down and Adam stilled immediately.

"Breathe, Kristopher."

He tried, but it hurt and his body was urging him to try and expel the very large intrusion. One of Adam's hands rubbed circles on his back while he tried to make his body cooperate. It was a lot harder than he had imagined it would be, but he was never one to be beaten. Bit by bit he forced his muscles to relax again and when he felt he was ready he pushed back very carefully.

It hurt again almost straight away, but not with the same intensity and when Adam took over, slowly pushing into him further he found he could take it. There was a deep burn and an unrelenting ache, but as Adam carefully took him it was manageable.

The whole thing seemed to take forever as Adam treated him as if he might break. Pulling out and then pushing back in felt like an age, but Kris could feel his body adjusting with every move. He was honestly amazed at Adam's control.

Bit by bit Adam's movements increased in force and pace. It was as if Adam could judge perfectly what Kris could and could not take and Kris just bowed to Adam's experience. The burn was still there, the ache was still there, but the more Adam thrust into him, the better it felt and Kris forgot everything except what he was experiencing. It had nothing to do with duty now and all to do with pure desire.

Eventually Adam filled him up with every thrust, brushing over that place that sent rivulets of fire down his spine each time. Kris had to let out what he was feeling somehow and he had never realised what kind of debauched noises he was capable of making. Everything was building up and up in his body and it kind of felt like when Adam had sucked his cock, but so much more intense.

His orgasm actually took him by surprise and rocked him from head to toe when it finally hit. One second he was reaching for the zenith and the next he was tumbling over the top of it without really knowing what happened in between. Adam just gripped his hips more firmly and kept thrusting as he gasped and shook and cursed in a way that would have seen him thrashed within an inch of his life had any of the temple priests heard him. He couldn't help it; his nerves were raw, his body was shaking and it took everything he had not to fall forward.

All the way through Adam had been quiet apart from the spoken instructions, but not anymore. Now Adam made noise, lots of needy, greedy sounds and Kris felt himself coming apart even more. The intimacy, the knowledge that he was causing Adam to lose control all but broke him. He came again, even though he had nothing left to give, because it was the only way his body could react to the overload.

When Adam finally came, body shuddering into his and a litany of words that Kris didn't understand falling from those amazing lips, Kris really did feel the power shift through him. It was incredible and breathtaking and he collapsed on the bed, face first, as his muscles completely failed. Adam had his hips in a vice like grip, so he couldn't fall completely, but he was totally unable to move of his own volition.

It slowly dawned on him that Adam seemed to be shaking and then suddenly Adam was wrenching away from him. There was no pain as Adam rapidly pulled out, but it wasn't overly comfortable and Kris grunted as he collapsed onto his side. He could just see Adam as the mage staggered away from the bed.

Adam's eyes were tight shut, but he could see the now bright blue light shining from underneath the lids.

"So much," he heard Adam whisper and then he saw the most amazing thing.

Falling to his knees, Adam put himself on all fours and his body began to flow from man to beast.

Kris simply watched in awe. This was something very few people were ever permitted to see. It was something sacred and Kris could not take his eyes off Adam as man became wolf in a matter of seconds. What was really eerie was that Adam's face was contorted with pain, but Adam never made a sound. Only when there was a beautiful wolf standing there did Adam make a noise as the mage sat down with a huff. Kris realised he was holding his breath.

Blue eyes still alight with blue flame looked up at him and then he couldn't help himself. He pushed himself off the mattress and all but fell off the bed as his limbs failed to hold him. Some deep buried part of his mind forced him on and demanded that he touch what he could see. He half walked, half crawled to where Adam was sitting and slid his fingers through the wolf's soft coat.

Adam was like no wolf he had ever seen. Most of Adam's pelt was black, but it was highlighted with deep auburn and it almost seemed to glitter.

"I have never ..." Kris tried to express what he was feeling, how incredible he felt about everything that had happened, but he just didn't have the words.

When Adam bumped him on the chest with that big black head, Kris fell back onto the rug on the stone floor. There was no strength in him to stop it and all he could do was lay there as Adam stood over him. He had seen wolves at a distance on some of his trips to the outer temples during the summer, but he'd never seen one as big as Adam. It only occurred to him as Adam snuffled at his chest and then further down, that some people might have been afraid at this point. Kris just thought it tickled and he squirmed a little.

Of course he was completely unprepared for Adam's next little trick and when Adam set about cleaning him up with a very long, wolfy tongue, Kris all but tried to crawl away. It was way too much sensation too soon, but Adam was very much determined. A paw came to rest on his chest, pinning him down, as Adam licked him clean of all traces of their previous activities.

Kris was pretty sure he came again while Adam very thoroughly cleaned him, but he thought that should have been physically impossible and he was so high on sex by then he couldn't be sure.


Kris blearily opened his eyes. He was exhausted, but the feeling in the room drew him to consciousness. The first thing he realised was that he was on the bed and he was covered with soft blankets, but he didn't remember how he had ended up there. Adam was not on the bed with him, but it didn't take him long to find his lover.

The mage was kneeling in the centre of the room on the cold stone floor, still naked and there was a woman standing in front of him. She was petite and had bright red hair like none Kris had ever seen.

"Adam, Adam, Adam," the woman said in a voice that was deeper and huskier than Kris would have expected, "what have you done?"

Adam remained silent, but came slowly to his feet as the woman urged him up with fingers under his chin.

"You have taken one of mine for your own, Adam," the woman said and Kris finally realised what he was seeing, "and without asking."

There were legends of the Goddess visiting those she favoured, but he had never believed it.

"You are a very naughty boy. I would have liked a please."

Adam's head rose at that and his eyes lifted from the floor, but instead of striking him down for insolence, the Goddess smiled at him.

"You are lucky I love you best or I might have had to punish you."

"He called to me," Adam replied voice quiet and reverent and then he looked over directly at Kris, "and he would not leave when given the chance."

That was not said reverently at all and Kris blushed and buried his face in the blankets when the Goddess also looked in his direction. He did not know how to deal with a deity who was actually right there. He'd spent many hours prostrated before her image in the temple during his training, but he wasn't sure what to do in her presence.

"Ah, my wild one," he heard the Goddess say and risked lifting his eyes just a little.

She was gently cupping the side of Adam's face with her hand.

"I have been waiting for this day," she said and her eyes caught Kris' before he could look down again. "Come here, Kristopher."

He had no idea what the protocol of greeting a Goddess naked was, but Adam was naked, so he just went along with it. Climbing out from under the blankets, he walked over and stopped beside Adam, eyes on the floor.

"Look at me, Child," the Goddess said, so he slowly lifted his gaze and she smiled at him.

Her face was so young and mischievous, but he could see the weight of millennia in her eyes.

Sacrifice to the Moon by beren_writes - banner by katekat1010
banner by katekat1010 - isn't is just gorgeous!

"I have much planned for you two," she told him and then moved her gaze to Adam. "There is a darkness coming to these lands and you will both guard against it."

When the Goddess took his hand, Kris gasped, because he could feel her power just below the surface. In that instant he knew she could have wiped him from existence with a thought. It was humbling to behold. He only just registered when she put his hand into Adam's.

"If there was time I would let you come to know each other naturally, but the danger is too close."

The Goddess left their hands joined and then placed the fingers of her right hand gently on his forehead and those of her left on Adam's. Almost instantly his mind was full of images.

He saw a young boy with red hair and freckles and a pendant just like his being dragged away from his parents. He saw the boy being forced to sing to weave magic for a sorcerer and when he failed being whipped. Always the left leg because it stopped him being able to escape, but meant he could still move around when necessary. The calculation behind the wilful torture appalled Kris.

Then Kris saw the boy, older by a few years, but still no more than eleven or twelve, throw a spell back at his master and run. The boy's mind was full of a beautiful woman's voice singing to him and calling him and he disappeared into the mountains. He walked through rain and snow, over bare rock and through forests, only stopping to sleep and eat what he could find. The boy barely had enough clothes to cover himself, but as he walked he changed. He did not become weaker, but stronger and his hair went from red to black as he tracked through wilderness. By the time the boy found the fortress of the wolf mages he was taller and stronger and he walked through the gates with his head held high.

Then the images seemed to speed up, flashing through Kris' mind so fast he couldn't take them in, but could only feel them. What he felt was the sense of a man who was gentle at his core, but wild and free on the outside. Adam was fierce and protective of those he loved and incredibly aware of his duty. Adam was everything Kris had always admired with a touch of spice.

Kris felt dizzy when the images stopped and it took him a moment to blink and come back to himself, then he looked at Adam.

"You sing," he said, which he knew was utterly ridiculous and irrelevant, but it was what popped into his head.

"So do you," was Adam's equally ridiculous reply.

Adam appeared as dazed as he was and Kris could only assume Adam had been shown his life in the way he had been shown Adam's. As one they turned back to look at the Goddess.

"You are both mine," she told them with a gentle smile, "and from now on you are each other's as well. This I declare, so shall it be."

"So shall it be," Kris heard himself say without even thinking about it.

He felt something click, something that was not physical and he felt complete. The something not right he had always sensed, that had dimmed to almost nothing when he had first seen Adam, totally disappeared. Everything was now how it should be.

He looked at Adam again, feeling wonderment at how perfect the moment felt and it lasted a goodly time. It was only as he realised he was being rude to a deity that he snapped out of it and looked back at the Goddess. She smiled at him, her eyes loving and gentle.

"Kristopher," she said, gaze locked with his own, "will you accept me as your Mistress, will you take my power?"

Kris heard Adam gasp quietly beside him.

"Yes," he said, the reply coming straight from his heart.

This time she stepped right up to him and pulled him to her in a close embrace. His head rested on her shoulder and he felt incredibly small, even though she was even shorter than he was.

"Open your soul, Kristopher," she whispered into his ear, "and be reborn."

The power that flooded into him took his mind away. He could not think, he could not move and he could not even breathe. For moments that seemed like hours he was trapped in flame that consumed and remade him. It was not really painful, because it went so far beyond the physical that the two could not be compared, but it was terrible. For what seemed like the longest time he thought he might die or simply cease to exist and then it was over.

He was no longer standing under his own power. The Mistress was holding him firm in her arms with a strength belied by her physical form. Adam was there almost instantly, helping him to stand up, but his legs felt so weak and he had to cling on to the other man. It was nice to be in Adam's arms, but Kris really wanted the room to stop spinning.

"How do you feel?"

Adam's voice was gentle and concerned and Kris did his best to put his thoughts back together.

"Strange," was the best he could come up with.

"Rest a moment and you will begin to feel better."

He nodded and held on to Adam as his strength slowly returned.

"You may feel weak from time to time as the power becomes one with you," his Mistress' calm tones made him concentrate again, "and when the moon is next full you will embrace your true nature for the first time. Adam will look after you."

Kris had no trouble believing that with the way Adam was holding him.

"When is the darkness coming?" he asked, standing himself up and away from Adam a little while still remaining in his lover's arms.

He had accepted his new destiny for a reason and he needed to know what that was.

"It is already here," the Mistress said simply, "it is within Ridian ranks and is the cause of this war. It wishes all my peoples to destroy each other to open the way for its evil plans. Your first task must be to bring sanity back to these lands."

Stepping forward she once again placed her hands to each of their foreheads and Kris' mind was filled with images. He saw demons and death and a pious man being possessed and when it was over he understood why they had to act.

"We should go to the war room," he said, looking up into Adam's face.

"At dawn," Adam replied and looked to the window where the night was still deeply dark; "that is when I was to join your father. You need rest and we need to form a strategy."

It was all very sensible, but Kris' thoughts were spinning with what he had seen. His instinct was to run straight to his father.

"A plan," he said, forcing himself to think rationally, "we need a plan."

Adam nodded and then they both turned back to where the Mistress was standing, only she wasn't there anymore.

Sacrifice to the Moon by beren_writes - banner by katekat1010
banner by katekat1010 - isn't is just gorgeous!

"Look after him, Adam," her voice said from nowhere, "he is special, and allow him to look after you."

Then her presence was gone and Kris felt somewhat bereft.

"Does She visit often?" he asked, needing to say something to distract him from what he was feeling.

"She has always visited me," Adam replied, pulling Kris a little closer, "sometimes like this, sometimes in dreams. She is," Adam paused and looked him directly in the eyes, "was," he corrected himself, "my only reason to be."

Kris let himself be led back to bed as he considered the profoundness of that statement. It didn't frighten him, because he felt the truth of it in his own heart, in fact it made him feel very good. His whole life was now different, his whole being, but it felt just about perfect. As Adam pulled the blankets up over both of them, he found himself snuggling into Adam's side as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"The wolf makes you one with Her."

It wasn't a question, but he voiced what he was thinking as he puzzled out everything he had just been through.

"Her and all things natural," Adam replied, stroking his arm gently. "That is where the magic comes from. When you have changed I will show you."

It wasn't a full explanation, but it was enough for the moment and Kris nodded in agreement. He had so much to learn. Of course they had other things to worry about first.

End of Ch 1
On to Ch 2
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: sacrifice to the moon, fandom: adam lambert/aidol, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: chaptered, genre: creature fic, genre: werewolf, pairing: ai - adam lambert/kris allen, rating: r to nc17, type: fiction

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