Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Have had a really busy weekend ...

Haven't had a chance to be online except late last night.

On Sat had Soph and a friend over and we did writing things. Read each other's stuff, gave pointers, things like that. Then we drank wine and watched movies :D

On Sunday there was church of course, then had Soph, my cousin and second cousin over for lunch. My cousin is over from France and my second cousin is down from up country to help deal with my Aunt (the one who was committed recently). My cousin is dealing with the house and everything like that and they have a case meeting with the hospital today as well. They didn't leave until about 7pm.

Very good weekend, but boy am I knackered :).

Now I'm trying to fill in an application form for a part time job. It's admin related and I know I can do it, it's just so different from the type of jobs I am used to applying for :). Makes the whole application form that much harder. If I can get the job it means I'll be able to keep going with the writing and not have to worry about the fact I'm not currently bringing in any income to the household.
Tags: info: general

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