Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Food good and bad ...

The Good

I am eating Speculoos Crunchy on toast for breakfast. You know I raved about Speculoos a while back, well Speculoos Crunchy is like how crunchy peanut butter is to smooth and, OMG, it's amazing. xandutch gave us some as a pressie (along with other speculoos related things) and all I can say it THANK YOU :D. If any of you ever get the chance to try this stuff, you really should!

The Bad (don't read while eating)

Never, ever forget to clean out the slow cooker, especially when the contents involve a new lifeform that was once a cauliflower. Oh god, that was BAD!!!! and yes, it deserves the capital letters and the exclamation marks. What with everything else going on over the weekend I totally forgot about the slow cooker until it started to make a bad smell. I had to clear it out in the garden and then I still had to leave the back door open to clear the smell from the kitchen. Ugh!
Tags: info: food

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