Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

New Charity Added to the Charity Drive over at PD21

Due to the horrible floods in Australia and the devastation they have left behind, over at PD21 we have decided to add a new charity to our January Charity Drive on the site.

The proceeds of this charity drive will be going to Cancer Research UK or Australian Flood Relief Appeal depending on where the person pledging wishes it to go. The Charity Drive form now allows you to pick which charity you wish to pledge to in either GBP £ or AUD $.

How the Charity Drive Works:

  • You fill in the special Charity Drive form (mostly just like our normal form, but with a pledge field as well).

  • Pledges can be anything from £1/$2 (AUD) up.

  • The site will get back to you with an acceptance of the pledge and a reference number.

  • The author will then talk to you about your commission to agree the plot. (If there are multiple pledges at the same time they will be dealt with in order of magnitude from greatest to smallest to make the most money for the charities).

  • The author will write the story for you (anything between 1000 and 10,000 wds).

  • You will go here to Cancer Research UK's donation page or Australian Flood Relief Page and make your donation.

  • You then send a copy of your receipt to

  • You will then be sent an eBook version of the story with the usual dedication. Unlike normal commissions you are welcome to redistribute this as long as the publishing and site information within it remain intact on the story. However, you may not sell it in any way.

  • The story will also immediately be added to the fiction section of the forum for everyone to enjoy.

[Edit: we've decided to take on three each (Soph's already accepted one), and so we're going to wait until Sunday 23rd to see how many we get.]
Tags: info: pennydreadfuls21, type: charity

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