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Fic: 2010 fiction listing

Okay so I thought I'd sum up the fic I have posted in 2010. Below the cut is a listing of it all.

American Idol
Hunting for the Right OneAdam Lambert/Kris Allen/Katy AllenNC17/189,36106-Dec-10
Male BondingJake/Tsu'teyNC17/183,815
From Under HillJake/Tsu'teyNC17/183,39510-May-10
Blake's 7
Seed of ChangeCally/AvonR3,08617-May-10
Fulcrum (Merlin/Harry Potter)Harry/Draco, Merlin/ArthurNC17/1839,38910-Feb-10
Salchows and Serendipity (HP/Ice slash)Harry/Johnny Weir, Harry/Draco, Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek, Apolo Ohno/J.R. Celski (side pairing)NC17/1826,93312-Mar-10
The People You MeetBill?Tom/JohnnyR2,82001-Jun-10
The Melody of LifeHarry/Draco (est. rel.), Timo/David (pre-slash)R6,60425-Oct-10
Harry Potter
In the Wake of ChangeHarry/DracoNC17/184,72708-May-10
From the Mists of TimeHarry/DracoNC17/184,21414-May-10
Reformation (Corruption Sequence Pt 4)Harry/DracoNC17/1829,95215-May-10
A Friend In NeedRemus/SiriusNC17/181,60819-May-10
Beware Greeks Bearing GiftsHarry/DracoNC17/182,64026-May-10
The Wings of AngelsHarry/DracoPG136,68523-Nov-10
The Fatted CalfRichie/MethosNC17/183,41905-May-10
Ice Skating RPS
A Snack Before BedtimeJohnny Weir/Evan LysacekNC17/185,78418-Mar-10
Stuck!Johnny Weir/Evan LysacekNC17/184,42501-May-10
Call Of The WildApolo Ohno/J.R. CelskiR5,18602-May-10
The Alternative You Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek/Stéphane LambielNC17/1813,67906-May-10
Through the Eyes of a WolfJohnny Weir/Evan Lysacek, Apolo Ohno/J.R. CelskiNC17/183,41609-May-10
I Left My Heart in SwitzerlandJohnny Weir/Stéphane LambielNC17/182,79812-May-10
FocusJohnny Weir/Stéphane LambielR3,34915-May-10
Breaking PointJohnny Weir/Evan LysacekPG1369318-May-10
Strangest MeetingsJohnnyR2,96120-May-10
Don't Answer the Door to Strange MenApolo Ohno/J.R. CelskiNC17/182,76721-May-10
The Strength of the ClanJohnny/PlushyNC17/186,05422-May-10
Hunting the PreyApolo Ohno/J.R. CelskiR3,43125-May-10
The Wings of An AngelJohnny Weir/Evan LysacekPG138,97010-Jun-10
Kitten Tales Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek/Stéphane LambielNC17/186,30611-Jun-10
Cats Do Not Always React Well to Changes in Their Environment Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek/Stéphane LambielNC17/185,23218-Jun-10
Unusual CircumstancesJohnny Weir/Adam RipponNC17/185,63323-Aug-10
After Night Comes Dawn Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek/Stéphane LambielNC17/1848,00026-Sep-10
Signs of the FatherMerlin/ArthurNC17/181,90707-May-10
Gift of the BeastMerlin/ArthurR3,67013-May-10
The Affairs of ElvesMerlin/ArthurNC17/184,06028-May-10
By Moonlight's GlowMerlin/ArthurR3,45302-Jun-10
Lighting the WayLinke/David/TimoR4,39404-May-10
Poltergeist : The Legacy
Love or Lust?Nick/PhilipNC17/183,05723-May-10
There's a First Time For EverythingAbby/ConnorNC17/184,11030-Apr-10
The Monster Outside the ClosetConnor/BeckerR1,13018-May-10
The Needs of the FewSherlock/JohnNC17/185,12903-Aug-10
The NeedySherlock/JohnNC17/183,35710-Aug-10
More Mundane NeedsSherlock/JohnPG131,14216-Aug-10
Tokio Hotel
Meddling ReptilesBill/Tom, side of Bill/GeorgR7,75103-Jan-10
Ultimate TruthTom/BillR5,68215-Jan-10
Now I Lay Me Down to SleepBill/GeorgR6,08506-Apr-10
Lips of Cherry RedBill/OMCNC17/182,96503-May-10
Progress Georg/Gustav, Georg/Tom, Georg/BillR3,17411-May-10
Mirror ManBill/OMC, Bill/TomNC17/183,39616-May-10
Different on the InsideBill/Tomnc17/184,69224-May-10
Mixed MessagesTom/OFCR2,47427-May-10
The Things InsideTom/BillR2,83302-Jun-10
What's Done is DoneBill/GeorgR3,63423-Oct-10
It Cannot Be UndoneGustav/Tom, Georg/BillR5,14528,Oct-10
Weiss Kreuz
The Monsters We Are: The Monsters We BecomeAya/OMC, Aya/Crawford, Yoji/SchuNC17/1833,70001-Feb-10
On The InsideAya/Omi (pre-slash)PG1,59208-Jan-10
Overall Total:394,822
Tags: category: gen, category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, fandom: adam lambert/aidol, fandom: anime, fandom: avatar, fandom: blake's 7, fandom: crossovers, fandom: harry potter, fandom: highlander, fandom: ice skating, fandom: ice skating rps, fandom: merlin, fandom: panik, fandom: polt - the legacy, fandom: primeval, fandom: sherlock, fandom: tokio hotel, fictype: 01-3kwds, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: oneshot, fictype: series, genre: creature fic, genre: fantasy, genre: vampires, genre: werewolf, info: fiction list, type: story links

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