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Penny Dreadfuls 21 - a new enterprise

Okay, so you know that website I've been mentioning and the new company I was talking about, well this is it (or at least the first part to go live). The whole idea is based off the same premise as prompt comms and the like, since it seems to me people like to be able to read the exact story they want. Soph and I hope it might interest a few people.

Penny Dreadfuls 21
Penny dreadful noun an inexpensive novel often released in eight page segments which was especially popular in mid-to-late Victorian England.

Have you ever wished that a story had the exact characters you wanted in the exact setting with just the right ending, or how about wanting to commission something for the person who has everything and is impossible to buy presents for? - Writer for Hire was created with you in mind. The whole idea of the site is to bring the penny dreadful into the twenty first century with a bit of a twist, allowing the reader to commission a short story of their choice.

Our site has all the details about how to commission a short story as well as a forum for chatting and reading free fiction offered by the site and a mailing list for announcements from the site.

We are launching with a Charity Drive to help populate the free fiction section of the site. Our charity of choice is Cancer Research UK because our mother had breast cancer a few years ago and it is the work of this charity and charities like it which mean she is completely recovered now. Main Site
PDreadfuls21 LJ
PDreadfuls21 Twitter
Penny Dreadfuls on Facebook is an imprint of Wittegen Press

If you like the site I would greatly appreciate any mentions *hugs*
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