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All My American Idol Fics

American Idol Fics

Fanfics involving Adam Lambert and most probably Kris Allen.

Title/LinkAO3Pairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Hunting for the Right Oneor on AO3PairingNC17/189,36107-Dec-2010
Summary:AIs8 AU - Adam is a werewolf, he was born that way and uses hunting criminals as an outlet for his wolfish tendencies. When he saves a young man from muggers he knows he will see him again, but the last place he expects to do it is during Hollywood Week of American Idol.
Sacrifice to the Moonor on AO3Adam Lambert/Kris AllenNC17/1817,47414-Feb-11
Summary:AU - Kris is a prince in a land about to be beset by war. The land needs the help of the wolf mages to be victorious and their emissary is in the castle. The mage requires sex to transform and reach his full power ready for the battle. Kris is willing to sacrifice himself for his people.
Sometimes All It Takes is a Push on AO3Adam Lambert/Kris AllenPG2,16110-Jan-2012
Summary:Adam's suppression spell fails so he reverts to his natural form in the Idol mansion right in front of Kris, but he's not the only one to give up secrets.

If you would like the stories downloaded I suggest you go to the AO3 links and use their download option. They offer PDF, Mobi, ePub and HTML.

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