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Well I'm on track for Nano

which means my novel is nearly up to 60,000wds and it's really coming together. It's going to need some tweaking when I'm done with the first draft, but the whole plot is working beautifully :). I'm doing some tweaking to the beginning already, because the first seven chapters are done, but mostly I'm just trying to finish it first.

After lunch I am going to be making sweets. The Christmas Bazaar is this weekend and I am doing a sweet stall. I hope all my practising over the last few weeks will serve me well :). I am going to make Kendal Mint Cake today and possibly Chocolate Caramel, because those both keep the best. Tomorrow I shall make Butterscotch and Barley Sugar, then Thursday I shall make Fudge, Coconut Ice and peppermint creams. Friday I shall make peanut brittle (don't want to get the nuts near the other sweets).

I have little sandwich bags and ribbon for the packaging.
Tags: info: fic stuff, info: fic writing, info: food, info: general

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