Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Writing, cooking ... y'know, just stuff :)

I'm finding the whole Nano stats page so useful for keeping track of my writing and making me focus that I've written an Excel version of it so I can use it after Nano finishes. Yeah, sad I know, but the word count is really helpful.

Am trying out another slow cooker recipe today - pork belly this time. I usually do the slow cooking thing on Fridays, but I didn't want to freeze the meat and I go shopping on a Monday. With lamb or beef I don't care if it's a day or so out of day, but I'm not risking pork. Hence today is the day. If it works well I will post the recipe :). If it doesn't I'll throw in a pizza - LOL :P.

I'm kind of on an Adam Lambert kick at the moment - I'm reading my way through several recs lists. I have to admit, so a Kradam fan; they're just adorable, actually a big Kris/Katy/Adam fan too (would that be Kratam? I haven't seen it bandied around).

Have to go write now - toodles!
Tags: fandom: adam lambert/aidol, info: fic stuff, info: fic writing, info: food

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