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I am so far behind :(

I haven't had a chance to write since Friday, and I won't have until Sunday. Looks like I'll be scribbling like a mad thing to make up for it then. After church and lunch I shall tie myself to my laptop and write until I drop.

I have to make choccies tonight and tomorrow for the Autumn Market at church on Saturday. I made the mistake of making hand dipped liqueur chocolates for a previous event and am now stuck with it :). I marinated my fruit last night in alcohol and I have to dip the nutless ones tonight and the nut ones on Friday.

Managed to discover a really yummy filling when making up small test batches the other day: I melted the dark chocolate and wanted to flavour it with banana liqueur to wrap round marzipan; well the alocohol made the chocolate congeal (the scientist in me feels that I should have known this would happen), so I shoved it in a pot and let it harden (waste not want not). It tastes fabulous and is sort of a softish chocolate texture and I'm going to coat some in white chocolate. Funny, I couldn't get a banana flavour (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to work in anything else; not fondent; not marzipan; but it works really well in dark chocolate. The citrus flavours work well in fondent, but the strawberry and banana just wouldn't take *shrug*.

Also, for those who like really chocolatey fudge:
Easy Chocolate Fudge
400g tin of sweetened condensed milk
75g unsalted butter
500g dark chocolate
1tsp vanilla extract

Heat the condensed milk, melt in the butter and the chocolate, add the vanilla extract and pour into a tin. Leave to harden in the fridge and voila; seriously chocolatey fudge. I was selling that last time too and I had free samples sitting there; not one person who tried it, failed to buy some :). It is a chocolholics dream. Recipe comes from this great book that is all about cooking with chocolate.

[Edit - having made this last night I just remembered two details - don't let the mixture boil, and beating it a little after adding the vanilla helps to make it set faster (but it's usually very thick anyway by that point). Also, line the tin with greaseproof paper on the bottom or you'll have trouble getting it out again. The recipe says to just lightly grease the tin, but it took me an hour with a plastic spatualr to free the fudge from the tin the first time I made it because I did that.]

Oh, and thanks to everyone who wished me well, I am feeling much better now.

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