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Charity v-gifts

Okay, so I don't know who came up with this idea, but I've seen it a couple of times on my flist (most recently alafaye) and it sounds like a good idea, so here goes.

Y'know those charity v-gifts LJ are offering - the Charity Purple Bear hug and the Breast Cancer awareness pink ribbon (info about them here) - well if you gift me one of them (thus giving money to the charity in question) I will write you a ficlet. (Since I have been asked, donations of an equivilant value to LGBT or Breast Cancer charity of your choice will be fine too).

This is how we're going to play, because I don't want to get in a mess ::g::

1) If you would like to do this, comment here with your fandom and pairing of choice, with more of a prompt if you wish.
2) Then wait for me to comment, 'yes' to the offer (just in case there are any problems)
3) Once agreed, you go buy the vgift and I'll start writing.
4) I will post your fic here and on comms etc and (if your would like) will email you a PDF of it too.

For the pink ribbon I will write 500wds and up, but since the bear hug is a premium charity v-gift and hence, more expensive, I will promise a min of 1000wds for that one (although, you know me, probably be longer in all cases).

Fandoms I will write are: Harry Potter, Tokio Hotel, Figure Skating, Panik, Killerpilze, Highlander, Kindred, Polt: tL, Weiss Kreuz (no Gluhen), Blake's 7, Merlin (I'm not up to date watching though, so anything based on recent plot points might be an issue), Sherlock, Avatar, the Losers (movie only), Primeval, Cinema Bizarre, Tremors

We can discus pairings and crossovers :)

Stories completed

For meridian_star - What's Done is Done, Bill/Georg, R, 3634wds
Summary: When Georg has an embarrassing problem he goes to Bill for help, even though that probably makes him insane. (vampires) - Completed 23rd Oct 2010

For lirren
The Melody of Life - HP/Panik xover - Harry/Draco and Timo/David, R, 6,604
Summary: Harry and Draco have decided to take a holiday to Europe to get away from the UK press and their hectic lives. However, that doesn't mean Draco can understand why Harry has dragged him to what Harry has the audacity to call a concert, not until he hears a young man called David Bonk play.

For icarusdefiled - It Cannot Be Undone - Tom/Gustav (side pairing Bill/Georg), R
Sequel to What's Done is Done - Bill and Georg's new relationship has an effect on Tom that neither of the twins could have guessed at.

For snugglemint - The Wings of Angels - Harry/Draco, PG13
Summary: Harry is supposed to be getting married, but appearing naked in Draco Malfoy's study and then spontaneously growing wings put pay to those plans.

Stories agreed to

For lattebiscotti
HP?Fskating - Harry/Johnny with jealous Evan.
Tags: info: vgift

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