Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I cannot believe I am about to post this ...

Okay, so anyone who was at connotations knows what Stonehenge Apocalypse is, others may have missed it unless they are in Supernatural fandom and like Misha Collins.

Now dear moonlettuce has been pimping this all weekend, but I avoided it after seeing the first five mins. The accents - oh heavens, my ears!

However, this evening we decided to watch The Losers (another well pimped fandom at the con), but the technology failed us, so we thought, 'what the hell?' and plumped for Stonehenge Apocalypse.

I don't think anyone on the production crew had ever even seen a picture of Stonehenge, let alone been there. Nice to see mountains and trees on Salisbury Plane, and a complete lack of burial mound humps in the landscape. English Heritage would have been having a fit!

BUT ... it was highly entertaining. It's a romp, it really is and ... lord help me ... I think I'm a fan. I don't even find Misha Collins that attractive!

moonlettuce what were you adding to the tea over the weekend? There were brainwashing drugs in it, weren't there. Tell the truth now!
Tags: fandom: stonehenge apoc

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