Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

While I have a decent connection :) Birthdays

Sorry I'm a week late; the internet connection is not reliable at the moment *hugs*

Happy Birthday to:
hearts_n_roses, fayaslam, the fantastic dacro and ellione for the 28th,
heliopath, lerah99, simmysim, zellieh, darkcuriosity and tikiaceae for the 29th,
the wonderful moonlettuce, cracknanny and queendaeva for the 30th,
ikchen and xoxhavokxox for the 1st,
evening_star for the 2nd,
charmed310, clear_stream18 and jeanne8917 for the 3rd,
silver04 and thoughtful_kaos for the 4th,
spark_of_chaos and cruisecontrolx for the 5th,
honeycakehorse, n0b0dys_ang31 and elethoniel for the 6th,
caitlen and raphsody606 for the 7th,
shopfront and nightshade24 for the 8th,
katfusion and dark_crystal_6 for the 9th and
ev01pixy, kitty_bamboo and dracosoftie for the 10th
Tags: info: birthdays

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