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Fic: After Night Comes Dawn (Fig Skating RPS), JW/SL/EL, NC17, 5 of 5

Title: After Night Comes Dawn 5 of 5
Author: beren_writes
Fandom: Figure Skating RPS
Pairing: J Weir/S Lambiel, J Weir/E Lysacek, J Weir/S Lambiel/E Lysacek
Rating: NC17/18
Warnings: threesome, fantasy violence, explicit sex, strong language
Summary: AU from Kings on Ice in March – while in Moscow, Johnny is attacked by a creature he only thought existed in nightmares. Infected by the vampire his only hope is a group of Vampire Hunters, but some of them think it would be easier to just kill him and be done with it. With more enemies than friends he struggles for his life as well as his humanity.
Links to other Chapters: Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Epilogue

Artist: beadslut Art only post.

Mixer solookup Mix link


For the sake of fans and anyone else who might be looking, Evan was staying at a hotel and Johnny, Stéphane and he were thinking of putting on an ice show together. Stéphane was of course staying with Johnny during these negotiations and the three were taking some time off to relax as well. In reality half of Evan's luggage was delivered to his hotel room, while he, Johnny, Stéphane and the rest of his things went to Johnny's place. Johnny was halfway into Evan's clothes and Stéphane was into his before they had made it all the way into the apartment.

It had been way too long and Johnny's hormones were on overdrive. He hadn't seen Evan or Stéphane in nearly two months and his vampire nature had some very demanding needs, which, added to the fact that he'd missed both of them like crazy, meant he wasn't thinking overly hard. He wanted both of them as soon as physically possible.

The fact that Stéphane and Evan hadn't actually been in this position together before didn't seem to be an issue, because both of them were responding with equal enthusiasm.

"That is so unfair," said a very familiar voice just as he had managed to undo the ridiculous buckle Evan had on his belt.

All three of them froze and Johnny looked up to see Paris standing in the doorway of his bedroom.

"Paris, what the fuck are you doing here?" he asked, probably a little more harshly than he would normally have done, after all he had given Paris a key.

"Borrowing this jacket," Paris said as he held up the aforementioned garment; "you know, the one you've been telling me I can borrow for the last three days and keep forgetting. I thought you were supposed to be at a meeting."

That was what he'd told everyone since he hadn't broken the truth to his friends yet. He and Paris had a very good system for making sure they did not walk in on things they weren't supposed to, since they both had keys to the other's place, but that fell down when there were secrets.

"Meeting was put off," Johnny said and didn't bother hiding quite how desperate he was.

"I cannot believe that, first, you didn't tell me," Paris complained, putting his hand on his hip, "and, second, you're hogging two of the best looking guys all to yourself."

There was even a pout.

"I was going to tell you," he replied instantly, "why do you think I told you that you couldn’t bring anyone to the party tomorrow night?"

There was going to be an exclusive gathering of friends he knew he could trust the next evening so Johnny could introduce Evan and Stéphane as more than his friends. It had seemed the best way to go about it. He might not be about to tell them about the vampire thing, but that didn't mean he was hiding everything. His explanation brightened Paris' expression somewhat, which was good, but his friend was still standing there.

"Not going to share though?" was the petulant comeback.

"Out," was all he said very firmly.

"No fair," Paris wailed, but did have the sense to start walking. "I may have to downgrade you to second best friend."

Johnny threw a cushion at Paris' retreating back. Then he looked down to where his hand was still just beginning to disappear into Evan's pants.

"Bye, Bitch, have fun," was Paris' final comment and as soon as the door slammed, Johnny began to move again.

For once he really didn't care about clothing either, and, given the way garments were flying left and right, neither did Stéphane or Evan.

"I fear, Mon Amour," Stéphane said breathlessly, after they had both divested Evan of his jeans in a rather elegant joint effort, "that I have been dreaming about this for too long. I seem to be most impulsive."

At which point Johnny found himself all but yanked out of his leggings. It was the kind of act that required reciprocation and he glanced at Evan and then they both pounced on Stéphane, who was still wearing far too many clothes. It didn't take them much longer before they were all stumbling naked onto the couch and then Johnny rather lost track of things for a while in the mess of hands, mouths and skin on skin that was happening. It didn't matter who was touching who or how, just as long as touching was happening and Johnny let himself go for several minutes.

He only really started to think again when he realised that at some point he'd moved behind Stéphane and that Stéphane and Evan were now kissing each other hungrily. This was new and so incredibly hot that it definitely caught Johnny’s attention in a very direct way and he stopped moving. He was captivated.

Unfortunately, Stéphane noticed he had stopped moving and promptly stopped kissing Evan and turned to him with a small frown.

"Something wrong, Mon Amour?" Stéphane asked, even though his hands were still wandering over Evan.

"God no," Johnny replied and then grinned, "don't stop on my account."

"I think he wants to watch," Evan said and, from the depth his voice seemed to have gained, seemed to like that idea.

Stéphane appeared to consider that for a moment and then smiled at him.

"Is our delightful third correct, Johnny," Stéphane asked, somehow making the whole idea sound completely dirty, "did you want to watch?"

Johnny just licked his lips; he very much wanted to touch too, but he knew that glint in Stéphane's eye, his lover had an idea and Stéphane's ideas rarely turned out anything but wonderful.

"Yes," he said after a moment, "I think I do."

For that he was rewarded with one of Stéphane's huge smiles.

"Shall we put on a show, do you think?" Stéphane asked, looking at Evan.

"Yeah," Evan replied, clearly excited.

Johnny thought they would go at it again then, but Stéphane turned to look at him again.

"Go and sit over there, Mon Amour," Stéphane told him and nodded at the chair just across the way.

Quite a lot of Johnny did not like that idea.

"Be a good boy," Stéphane said and leant over and kissed him on the nose, "and we will make it a very, very good show."

There was no winning when Stéphane looked at him like that, but it was quite hard to make himself actually leave the couch. He settled into the chair and brought his knees up in front of him so he could hug then, and only when he was sat did Stéphane turn back to Evan. Then the pair simply went for it.

Johnny found his whole attention completely grabbed as Stéphane all but climbed on top of Evan and seemed to be trying to devour the taller man. It seemed as if Stéphane was taking no prisoners and Johnny's eyes followed the course of Stéphane's hand as it ghosted over Evan's chest and then travelled south, before wrapping around Evan's cock and drawing a long, low moan from Evan's occupied mouth. Stéphane had promised a good show, and Johnny had to admit that it was definitely that. His cock throbbed mercilessly as he watched, but he did not move to touch himself, instead placing all his attention on his two lovers.

Not to be outdone by Stéphane, Evan appeared to let the Swiss get away with being in charge for a while and then pushed Stéphane back onto the other end of the couch before taking over. Evan even went so far as to push Stéphane's legs apart and run one hand down under Stéphane's thigh, fingers disappearing over and behind Stéphane's balls. The way Stéphane lifted his hips and groaned into the still ongoing kissing, Johnny did not need to see what Evan was more than obviously doing. It actually intrigued him, as well as aroused him, because in the three times they had been together, and the rather large number of times they had had sex during those three visits, Evan had only topped four times. Evan had always seemed to prefer Johnny in that position, but not it appeared with Stéphane. He and Stéphane switched randomly, so he was pretty sure Stéphane was not about to complain, but Evan appeared very determined.

The thought of taking his eyes off what his two lovers were doing to each other never crossed Johnny's mind, he just reached blindly for the small drawer in the table beside the chair. He had learned while Stéphane had been staying with him that getting to the bedroom didn't always happen and he liked to be prepared. Groping around in the little drawer, he was pleased to find it was still stocked with some of those little sachets of lube, but was dismayed to realise there were no other small metalicised packets. In the end he just tossed the lube sachets onto the couch, in reach of Evan's long arms and decided to worry about condoms later.

The grin Evan sent his way for the gift was almost evil and Johnny felt his body heating up even more. He also sent up a prayer of thanks to whoever had made him remember to have the furniture treated with a spray that meant stains came straight off. Evan spent several more minutes lavishing attention on Stéphane, during which time Johnny had to hold himself very still for fear of leaping at the pair, and then Evan reached for the lube. There was no verbal communication between Evan and Stéphane, but Johnny definitely saw a conversation in body language during which Evan showed Stéphane the small packet as a request and Stéphane lifted his free leg higher and leant back further, clearly giving his consent.

Johnny felt his nerves all but rattling with desire as Evan ripped open the sachet and coated his fingers before pushing them into Stéphane. The kissing seemed to have been forgotten now as Stéphane let his head fall back against the couch cushion and made the most wanton noise known to man. Hugging his legs, Johnny prayed for strength to stay put, because it was possibly one of the hottest things he had ever seen.

It took Evan what really should have been an embarrassingly short time to get four fingers into Stéphane, something which made Johnny's blood pump all the faster. All the while Stéphane made the most debauched sounds and put on the show he had promised.

"Condom?" Evan finally asked, sounding almost as desperate as Johnny felt.

It took him a second to realise that he had been asked a question and then his brain totally failed to tell him where the nearest supply was, because he was so completely focussed on Evan and Stéphane.

"Non," Stéphane said and caught his attention and Stéphane's.

Evan looked confused and disappointed, but Johnny was pretty sure Stéphane did not mean what Evan seemed to think he did.

"This is forever, yes?" Stéphane asked simply, looking directly at Evan.

After a moment Evan nodded, then Stéphane looked at Johnny and smiled; they were already sure.

"Then continue," was all Stéphane said and wiggled his hips in a very suggestive manner.

Evan did not move for long seconds, but then he smiled and used the second sachet on himself, before moving in close and slowly pushing into Stéphane. Johnny felt something in him kind of go click; in fact it was such a strong feeling that he was quite surprised it wasn't so loud it distracted his lovers. It was like the final piece of a puzzle sliding into place and he actually shuddered. A virtual breath he had not even realised he had been holding released and everything felt perfect. It didn't help much with the sitting still, however.

He managed it for another couple of minutes through a supreme act of will as he watched Evan slowly thrust in and out of Stéphane, going deep with every thrust. He even managed to keep his self control when Evan began to speed up, but when Stéphane reached for his own cock, that was too much. It might have been embarrassing had anyone been taking any notice of him, but he all but launched himself across the gap and fell to his knees next to the sofa. Then he reached for Stéphane's cock, brushing Stéphane's hand away with his own and making himself part of the action. Stéphane's reaction was to swear and grab for the couch cushions, so Johnny decided all was good.

He could tell Stéphane was fit to burst; his lover was hard and the head was already slick with pre-come. Going with the flow, Johnny timed his hand to Evan's thrusts and together it didn't take them long to drive Stéphane over the edge. Stéphane came all over Johnny's hand and Evan stilled while Johnny milked Stéphane for everything he had. He loved to see Stéphane completely undone and watching Evan mostly achieve that himself, but giving a little help himself had Johnny revelling in it all. Watching both his lover's carefully, he lifted his hand and very slowly licked it. The taste of Stéphane exploded in his senses and he relished it.

Evan had to have been close, because it seemed that was enough to do it for him without so much as another movement and Johnny had to reach out to stop Evan falling forward from the somewhat awkward angle. It made him all the more desperate, and, without waiting for either of his lover's to recover, he climbed to his feet.

"Bedroom," he decided very distinctly and strode off, expecting the other two to follow him.

His whole body was buzzing and he wasn't sure how much self control he had left. Busying himself making sure the lube was in easy reach kept him from going crazy for a little while and, luckily, by the time he had fetched a special tube from the bathroom, Evan and Stéphane seemed to have recovered enough to actually make it to the bedroom.

"Poor Johnny," Stéphane said, making himself comfortable on the bed; "you have been neglected."

"We should rectify that," Evan added, also climbing onto the bed.

Johnny was kind of left just standing there until Stéphane patted the bed between him and Evan. Always quick on the uptake, Johnny filled the space and was a little surprised when Stéphane urged him to face Evan.

"We were thinking," Evan said and gave him a quick peck of a kiss, "that long, drawn out foreplay might kill you."

On that they had his complete agreement.

"But," Stéphane added while nibbling at his ear, "Evan and I need a few minutes to recover."

None of them were teenagers anymore, so Johnny understood that one.

"So," Evan dragged his attention back, "we thought you should prepare me..."

"While I prepare you," Stéphane added.

"And then we could see how flexible we really are," Evan finished and Johnny brain did its best to explode at that mental image.

"Oh god," was about his most coherent thought, but he didn't hang around when Evan passed him the lube.

The whole trying to prepare Evan while Stéphane was doing the same to him gave him a big clue that the whole three together thing was not going to be as easy as porn liked to make out. He kept getting distracted and he only had so many brain cells to focus on what he was doing. The whole thing took longer than it normally would have done, but Johnny couldn't say he didn't enjoy the whole process and, by the time Stéphane deemed all ready, he was willing to beg.

"Come," Stéphane said simply and pulled him towards the end of the bed, giving Evan room to lie down on his back and spread his legs.

Johnny didn't need any instruction after that, moving in and lifting those long legs up to give himself access. It was Stéphane who coated him with lube, something that caused him to almost bite through his lip and then he lined up and sank in. His thighs actually shook as his nerves sang with delight. Watching Evan and Stéphane, seeing them come together, had ramped up his system making him super sensitive to everything and he felt like he wanted to explode. He had to stop, to gather his self control and then he made a couple of experimental thrusts, one of which made Evan moan loudly, before he stopped and leant forward.

He knew what he wanted and it was not to go off without the threesome being complete. Stéphane seemed to have picked up on his urgency, because there was no delay as his Swiss lover moved in behind him. It was almost as if he had died and gone to heaven as Stéphane slowly pushed into him in the same way he was buried in Evan. The sensations were wonderful, but it was not just that, it was the fact that it was all three of them together. If Stéphane and Evan together had been the final piece of the puzzle, this was the sticky back plastic that would never let the puzzle come apart again.

Johnny knew when they started moving, but he was only vaguely aware of what he was making his body do at a conscious level; it was all subconscious responses. He felt as out of control as he had done that first time with Stéphane and he could do even less about it. Clawing on was all he could manage and his movements were not exactly graceful or clever.

"It is your turn, Mon Amour," Stéphane whispered in his ear, "just let go."

He didn't want to let go, not quite yet, but his body really was over sensitised and his vampire nature was almost at the surface and pretty soon he didn't have a choice. With Stéphane buried hilt deep in him, he thrust firmly into Evan and stretched out over his recumbent lover before letting his fangs descend and sliding them into Evan's willing flesh. Everything whited out with pleasure then and he felt Evan buck up underneath him, driving their hips together even more and he was coming and coming and coming. His body did not seem to want to give up the high and the blood combined with the sex left him shaking with ecstasy.

Evan was completely still beneath him except for the steady rise and fall of his chest, but then Johnny had not expected anything else. Stéphane did not seem to care that he had not come again and carefully separated them so that Johnny could do the same with Evan, at which point a nice lie down seemed to be in order.

"Does he always pass out?" Stéphane asked as Johnny carefully rearranged himself and Evan on the bed so Evan was in a more comfortable position.

Stéphane was on his other side watching rather intently.

"Every time I bite him, yes," he replied, carding his fingers through Evan's hair, where his lover's head was now on his chest.

He looked over to Stéphane and smiled, reaching out his other hand to the beautiful Swiss.

"He says it's pleasure overload," he explained, feeling more than a little smug; "he'll come round in a minute."

Stéphane smiled back.

"I think perhaps Evan should not have told you that," Stéphane said, clearly amused; "I think your ego may be big enough already."

Johnny found himself giggling at that; it was possible his lover had a point.

"You never seem to complain," was his not so fabulous comeback.

"That would be rude," Stéphane replied, so Johnny slapped him lightly on the shoulder.

"I don't know why I put up with you," he said with a huff, but couldn't help laughing again, because Stéphane was giving him a big-eyed, kicked puppy look.

"Because you love me?" was the mischievous suggestion.

It was a little joke, but Johnny felt his heart explode with warmth nonetheless.

"Yes," he said, finding his throat feeling oddly constricted, "yes, I do."

His whole year had gone to hell in March, in fact it could have been his whole life, but now he was right where he wanted to be. Nothing was the same anymore, nothing at all, but he was beginning to realise it was good. Where he would be and what he would be doing if he hadn't turned off the main street in Moscow he had no idea, but he wasn't thinking about that anymore. He had more than he could have asked for right there with him and he felt suddenly choked up.

"Johnny," Stéphane said gently, "are you alright?"

"Fine," he promised, refusing the give in to the strange urge to cry even though he was incredibly happy, "just being me."

He was saved any awkward conversation following that by Evan starting to wake up. The first indication that Evan was coming back was a small shift and then there was a little mumble of something Johnny chose not to decipher and finally Evan lifted his head.

"I did it again then?" was the bleary question.

"You did," Johnny said and hid any wayward feelings behind a bright smile, "it was most gratifying."

"You were most, ummm, adorable, Mon Chou," Stéphane said, almost smiling and making Evan blush with embarrassment.

Johnny almost laughed at Stéphane's choice of pet name.

"I think," Evan said, covering his embarrassment, "I'm the least adorable one in this bed."

"Only with your clothes on, Sweetcheeks," Johnny said and laughed.

"We'll see who's adorable," Evan said with a wicked gleam in his eye that worried Johnny for just a second, after which Evan was tickling him and he was too busy screeching with uncontrollable laughter.

Of course Stéphane joined in; there was no way Johnny could expect sense from the over grown chocolate addict and they both ganged up on him. In the end he had to resort to letting his vampire out to get the upper hand, which led to more sex and more biting, since he was a little too involved to control himself and it was Stéphane this time, until they all ended up in a sated heap. It was one of those perfect moments and Johnny finally decided that it was time.

There was something he had been planning for a while, ever since he began to worry about other vampires and he carefully crawled off the bed.

"Come back," Stéphane said with a pout.

"In a minute," he replied with a smile, "stay right there."

He had something for both of his lovers and he had thought he'd give them to them later, but it felt right then, so he padded into the living room and fished them out of the drawer where he had put them for safe keeping. Walking back into the bedroom, he climbed back onto the bed and then passed a small red box to Stéphane and a small black one to Evan.

"I had these made for you," he said, feeling a little nervous, "it would make me very happy if you would wear them."

Evan and Stéphane looked at each other and then both opened their boxes at the same time.

"Oh," Stéphane said in little more than a whisper, but it was Evan who pulled his from his box first.

On the end of a silver chain was a simple, shaped cross. Johnny had chosen it carefully to go with Evan, not too ornate or gaudy, but with simple lines, decorated with a single tear drop, blood red garnet and some light, engraved scrollwork. Stéphane's when he pulled it out and also held it up, was a little more delicate. Also silver it had some filigree work and each end of the cross was set with a diamond shape of garnet. Both were small enough to be worn as an everyday item and he hoped his lovers would like them.

"It is beautiful, Mon Amour," Stéphane said, carefully fingering his cross, "and I have no doubt it will keep me safe."

Johnny smiled a little; at least his motivations were clear. He looked at Evan and waited. He knew Evan already had a cross, but it was so small and he wanted to make damn sure Evan would not be accosted by any more vampires. Evan smiled at him and, ever the man of few words, simply fastened it around his neck.

"I'll never take it off," Evan promised and lent forward and gave him a quick kiss.

"Are there many vampires around here, do you know?" Stéphane asked casually as Johnny helped his lover put on his cross as well.

"Not anymore," Johnny said without thinking and then realised what he's just revealed.

He hadn't mentioned to either Evan or Stéphane what their visit had led him to do and he suddenly found himself the centre of attention.

"Anymore?" Evan asked, knowing him far too well it seemed.

"I cleaned house," he said casually and climbed off the bed, hoping without much real belief that his lovers would leave it there.

He needed a shower, so he very purposely walked towards the bathroom.

"You did what?" Stéphane could be as melodramatic as he could it seemed by the level of volume that question had.

"I cleaned house," he repeated, busying himself with pulling some fresh towels from the cupboard; "there are no vampires left in about twenty miles all round."

He was about to step out of the room when he found Evan in his way.

"Let's get this straight," Evan said, refusing to let him past, "you went after vampires by yourself, deliberately."

Evan sounded more than a little worried and Stéphane was standing only a foot or so away with a similar expression of anxiety.

"Yes," Johnny said, realising he was not getting away with it.

"Why?" Stéphane asked, clearly concerned about the whole thing.

He was stuck now, he had to explain.

"Because I could feel them," he said, wishing he'd kept his mouth shut, "and they were a danger and I couldn't just leave them there. They think I'm some old Russian vampire who's decided to move in and set up home. According to the hunters the locals are scared shitless and none of them will be trying anything anytime soon."

Evan still did not look happy, but Stéphane looked thoughtful, which was possibly worse. The Swiss skater fingered the cross around his neck.

"You did this for us," was Stéphane's conclusion and Johnny couldn't exactly deny it.

He felt all kinds of awkward that he had all but gone caveman on his lovers' behalves.

"I couldn't stop myself," he admitted, not sure it was a good thing; "I began having nightmares and I couldn't think about anything else. I had to make it safe."

It could have been incredibly dangerous, he knew that, but he had had no choice and it wasn't as if there had been any particularly old vampires hanging around his part of New Jersey. Vampires needed a hunting ground and New York attracted the stronger ones, at least as far as he could tell.

"You," Evan said, as if he was about to launch into some tirade, but then he sagged a little, "are going to give me grey hairs."

Johnny did his very best to look apologetic, but he refused to feel guilty.

"My powers keep growing and changing," he said quietly, "everything seems to affect them in some way. Having you both coming here, it changed how I felt, something shifted. I don't know, maybe it made it real."

It wasn't easy to explain; he didn't always understand himself these days so letting someone else know the truth was difficult.

"Mon Amour," Stéphane said, placing a hand on his arm and making him turn, "it pains me that you endangered yourself," Stéphane paused, "but thank you."

Stéphane gave him a small smile and so he sent one back. He was so focused on his Swiss boyfriend that he actually squeaked when arms wrapped round him from behind and Evan pulled him close.

"Please tell me you don't plan to challenge every vampire you meet," was what Evan said.

"Not unless I have to," Johnny replied honestly; "but they come anywhere near anyone I love and all bets are off."

He wasn't about to lie; it was just the way it was.

"And I also agreed to help the hunters in New York," he added, since he might as well confess it all; "not to hunt, so don't worry. I think that would be a spectacularly bad idea, but occasionally they might need my help to find the lay of the land. Since they put their lives on the line daily to make sure the vampires don't get out of hand I figured I couldn't say no."

Evan sighed and kissed the side of his neck.

"I'm calling my stylist tomorrow," Evan said in an exasperated tone, "and telling him to get in the dye."

Johnny finally began to relax; Evan never joked unless he was okay with a situation, or at least mostly.

"You'd look nice with a shock of red in the back," he commented, leaning back and enjoying the closeness.

Evan remained exactly as he was for about two seconds.

"Oh no," Evan finally said and stepped back, releasing him, "no way; you are not styling me. You look great in your style, but I'd look ridiculous. Um ... style Stéphane; he's your height."

The panic was entirely Evan and so absolutely adorable that Johnny wanted to kiss him and laugh at him at the same time. Stéphane just laughed.

"Never change, My Little Mongoose," he said and kissed Evan on the cheek, "I love you just the way you are."

And he did, he really did.

"Come on," he said and took Stéphane by the hand and Evan by the wrist, "let's shower. It'll be cosy, but I'm sure we'll manage."

It was an unconventional relationship, one many people would never understand, but Johnny loved it. He had two wonderful men and they had his heart neatly in their hands. Being a vampire made him different and it was something that brought new problems all the time, but it had also given him two people to love who loved him back. His future was still up in the air in so many ways and yet this was all he needed at the moment; the warmth and companionship and togetherness. The rest would all happen or not happen and he felt a greater sense of stability than he had in years.

As he led his lovers to the bathroom he could definitely say one thing; he was happy.

Tags: category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: after night, fandom: ice skating rps, ficfest: big bang, fictype: 30kwds up, fictype: chaptered, genre: creature fic, genre: vampires, pairing: is - johnny w/evan l/stephane l, rating: r to nc17, type: fiction

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