Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Well done LJ for listening ...

They are stopping the cross-posting of comments on locked entries, which is very good news.

They have also stated categorically that they do not know your Twitter or Facebook details unless you tell them, which I take to mean there is no personal details swapping between the companies (hope I'm correct in that assumption).

I wish they had an opt out option, so that you could say, please do not crosspost comments on this post, even if you haven't locked it, but that's probably way more complicated and we do have to option of the code to take away the ticky boxes from our own styles, or just flocking the entry in the first place.

I know they ballsed it up in the first place, but I would just like to say thank you to LJ for listening and for acting on their memebers' worries.

[Edit: I have seen it pointed out that there is only a potential timeline for the change (next two weeks I've seen mentioned), but I can understand that. They have to code the change and then test it along with everything else they have going on. I'd rather they did it right and have it work first time than it blow up and do strange stuff to people's accounts. It should be a matter of a few conditional statements, but who can tell - it might not be quite that simple.]
Tags: info: lj

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