Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hi all, finally have enough brain power to update :)

The flower festival went superbly and we raised lots of money for our church :) I think I was at home maybe two hours whilst awake from Sat morning until yesterday. I did get online yesterday, but I managed to only get back as far at Sunday morning on my flist and then the internet decided that going slow was a really good idea.

So to the birthdays I am late getting to this week.
Happy Birthday to:
liljademoon and xocoatldreams for the 30th,
reilael, ocean_turtle and is_anonymous for the 1st,
blackwing_08 for the 2nd,
blindomelon and aetas_lupus for the 4th and
gabriel_kata for the 5th
Tags: info: birthdays, info: general

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