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Sherlock Pimp Post


Right, this just has to be done, it's Sherlock pimp time.

In case you have been ignoring the sudden explosion of this new and shiny fandom, or you've been living under a rock, let me give you a quick intro. Sherlock is a new BBC drama by Steven Moffat (that's the guy behind Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss, based on the stories of Sherlock Holmes. However, it's not just another remake, oh no. Our heroes are Sherlock and John, rather than Holmes and Watson and they're both in their thirties. It's 2010, they have mobile phones, debit cards and a flat screen TV. It's as slashy as all hell and Sherlock kind of hints, but not really and doesn't actually say, that he's gay in the first ep (you have to watch it to see what I mean).

Sherlock - Benedict Cumberbatch

So this delectable gentleman is Benedict Cumberbatch (wikipedia entry), a BAFTA award nominated actor who makes an incredibly sexy and quirky Sherlock. He's made the coat he wears so sexy that the discontinued line had been rekindled because of all the interest - I kid you not. Here is a nice post someone did on one of the comms about it.

When accused of being a psychopath in the first episode his response is to correct the person saying: "I'm not a psychopath, Anderson. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research."

He claims to be the only consulting detective and muscles in on cases he considers interesting. Half the force hate him, but Lestrade puts up with him because he is brilliant and solves cases for them. He has a website The Science of Deduction that the BBC have cheerfully created for us.

John - Martin Freeman

Then we have the always adorable Martin Freeman (wikipedia entry) as Dr John Watson, who was invalided home from Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD. His hands shake and he had a psychosomatic limp when we first meet him. The thing is he's only slightly less unhinged than Sherlock and chases Sherlock around London with abandon. His therapist told him to keep a blog, so he does, and mostly it ends up about Sherlock.
The Beeb have also created this site: The Blog of Dr John H. Watson

Lestrade - Rupert Graves

Okay, I'm shallow, so I'm including all the nice looking men. Lestrade is just beautifully played by Rupert Graves and is just the right combination of accepting and putting Sherlock in his place.

The cast also includes Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson and Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes to name but two of the fabulous actors in it.

So far there are three 90 min eps:
A Study In Pink: The police investigate the deaths of a series of people who all appear to have committed suicide by taking a poisonous pill. They turn to their unofficial consultant, Sherlock Holmes, who deduces various elements pointing to a serial killer. Meanwhile, Holmes is introduced to John Watson, and the pair immediately move into a flat in Baker Street.
The Blind Banker: Sherlock is hired by an old friend to investigate a mysterious break-in at a bank in the City. This leads to a case involving a Chinese smuggling ring and several dead bodies.
The Great Game: Sherlock is commissioned by his brother Mycroft to investigate the suspicious death of a government employee who was working on a top-secret defence project. After apparently rejecting the case, Sherlock begins to be taunted by a sinister criminal who puts his victims into explosive vests and sets Sherlock deadlines to solve apparently unrelated cases.

They are all brilliant and Sherlock has been renewed for another season, but they haven't decided when or how many eps because Steven Moffat is a very busy man :).

The fandom has taken off like a rocket, so there are already lots of comms.
221b_slash - it's all in the name
221b_slash_fest - just what is says on the tin
221bsherlock - all things Sherlock
bbcsherlock - all things comm with a slash focus
dilestrade - all things Lestrade
johnsherlock - all things John/Sherlock
sherlockbbc - probably the most active comm for all things Sherlock
sherlockland - what is says on the tin
watsons_woes - all about Watson's problems after the war (all incarnations)

holmesian_news - a great newsletter for all things Sherlock Holmes.

sherlockbbc_fic - kink meme account (not a comm)

And just in case you are interested, my Sherlock Fic
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