Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Bad dreams ...

I had bad dreams this morning, very odd ones.

The first one was really weird; we were all sitting on these wooden chairs, like we used to have at school and there was this mist all around the bottom of the chairs. There were things in the mist, things that ate people and the only way to be safe was to put your feet in these bags. Someone kept stealing my bag!

Then the second one was in this house, not my house, but it kind of was in the dream and I was going up the stairs and I found Bij. Now even in the dream I knew she was no longer with us and deduced that she had come back for something. So I petted her and took her into another room. It turned out she wanted her collar taken off, which was fine, so I did, but then she began to turn into something else ... which was when I woke up.

So yeah, it was monster day today!
Tags: info: general

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