Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Greetings and stuff :)

Ep 2 of Sherlock did not disappoint :) It was better for plot than #1, but not as good for character development I thought. Still brilliant though :D

I am writing an HP/Sherlock xover for the Connotations zine this year. I had to beg an extension, but I should have it finished soon. Sorry, can't post it here until Feb.

Also have a desire to write Sherlock vamp fic - hands up if you're not surprised ;)

Happy Birthday to:
damn_imasquib, sang_dencre, nymphetamine_x_ and serpentsortiam for today,
erisedraine and justinssunshine for tomorrow,
winstonmom and lauraorganasolo for the 4th,
michelle_3302, nekoeyes, indigo_kitti and kittie8571 for the 5th,
reseh, ma_chelle and emseviltwin for the 6th,
leairan, fairyteen8 and knw for the 7th and
ravencloud for the 8th

If you're not on my list it's because I don't know when you're birthday is, not that I don't want to wish you a Happy Birthday :). If you don't have much on you journal I may not have friended you back, so LJ won't tell me about your birthday, but if you would like to be added to my spreadsheet, please drop me a line and I'll put you in. *hugs*
Tags: fandom: sherlock, info: birthdays

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