Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Dorian Gray ... hmmm

Okay so Dorian Gray, anyone else seen it?

I saw it the other day and was reminded of it because someone posted about Ben Barnes on one of the comms. Now Ben Barnes is very, very pretty and Colin Firth is also pretty and they are both incredibly talented, but watching the movie was like watching paint dry. Rob sat through the whole thing with the help of fast forward, I made it for the first half hour. It would have been far preferable to sit there and just stare at a piccie of Ben Barnes for a couple of hours.

The only interesting bit through the entire thing was when he managed to shag mother and daughter at the same event!

I think my problem with it was I felt no connection with the characters at all and the plot was written in red pen from beginning to end. Dorian started off this innocent young lad and I am sure I was supposed to feel horror at his descent into bad things, but they didn't really seem to be that bad or exciting to begin with. Then there was the whole bit about him remembering the attic and that wasn't very interesting or exciting either. Then there is the mindless stupidity at the end where he fires the butler. (BTW I know these things happened because Rob told me, not because I got that far in the film).

Did anyone watch it and enjoy it? I am sure some people must have.
Tags: info: films

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