Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Morning all :)

Just in case you missed the fountain of love that seems to be over my flist for the new series Sherlock, I thought I would repeat what many have been saying. It is amazing, brilliant and a hell of a lot of fun. Sherlock Holmes in 2010 and done in a wonderful way. I would suggest everyone go out and find a copy.

According to Amazon it'll be out on DVD in Sept :)

Now to Birthdays :)
Happy Birthday to:
dramaphile, luvjustin and the lovely fyredancer for the 27th,
69512 for the 28th,
koyappi, eyoko and kickingrad for the 29th,
terrayndian, moniquemo and txrabbit for the 30th,
tarnationawaits and siriusblackout for the 31st and
tehlils and lrndng for the 1st
Tags: info: birthdays, info: general

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