Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Yay! Johnny won the Readers' Choice Award :D

Weir wins 2010 Readers' Choice Skater of the Year
Three-time U.S. champ takes Skating Magazine's top prize

(07/21/2010) - Colorado Springs, Colo. - U.S. Figure Skating and SKATING magazine announced Wednesday that 2010 U.S. bronze medalist Johnny Weir has won the 2010 Readers' Choice Award for Skater of the Year (Michelle Kwan Trophy). Weir also won the award in 2008.

"I am honored to win the Readers' Choice Award for the second time in my career," Weir said. "I gave my all to my craft this past season, and I am so proud that my fans were entertained and inspired from watching me."

Last year's Readers' Choice winner and 2010 Olympic champion Evan Lysacek came in second, followed by 2010 Olympic silver medalist ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

more info here
Tags: fandom: ice skating

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