Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Sorry this is late again ... I've been busy writing a short story to submit to an anthology and I only found the call for stories at the end of last week and the deadline is Thursday, so I've been writing like a mad thing to try and produce something decent. I'm about to do the print out and read through with red pen ::g::. Then it's a matter of hoping they like it and accept it ;).

Happy Birthday to:
jemixe and anatolia_limb for the 12th,
midnytebloodlus for today,
spacetweenears for the 14th,
gblvr for the 15th,
joey_j0jo, diamondkatz, jiapa, ladymadonnasky and rositamia for the 16th,
littlemrstom for the 17th and
_finn_ for the 18th

Many Happy Returns to you all.
Tags: info: birthdays, info: book writing

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