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So sorry I am running way behind this week. Went to Newcastle over the weekend to a wonderful BBQ and yesterday was mostly brain dead. Took us 10 hours to drive there because of traffic and somewhere around 7 to get back.

alyse have started watching Legend of the Seeker with Rob, been through four eps so far: they have bondage down pat, don't they :D. Not enough shirt taking off yet though ... I'm hoping for more soon. Half the time I do want to give Richard a hug as well as ravish him though ::g::. Are there any clichés the show doesn't like? ;)

So on to the reason for this post: Birthdays :D

Happy Birthday to:
kitchensink13 for the 3rd (sorry I forgot you last week - I hadn't updated my July list)
digitalwave and ellethgur for the 5th,
ctpaul860, maddirose and ctpaul860 for the 6th,
lillian78 for the 8th,
jak_quill, veritas03 and annie4th for the 9th,
wingedbishi and chriszac for the 10th and
wickedfish for the 11th

If I have missed you and you would like to be on my list, please LMK. I don't friend everyone back, usually because there are few or no posts, at which point LJ won't tell me about your b-days, but if you have me friended and would like to be added to my spreadsheet, please comment and I'll add you in. *hugs*
Tags: fandom: legend of the seeker, info: birthdays

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