Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Okay, so y'know everything these days is about viral advertising and junk like that?

Well Soph and I have decided to leap on the bandwagon and see if we can get people interested in our novel.

Hence we have set up an LJ account just for our professional writing and the labours that go into it tashnsophduncan. At the moment there is a welcome post and nothing else, but I am working on attempting to document our writing process to maybe give some insight into how we managed to come up with and finish the novel. I know I've tried to write novels in the past and never finished them, so I thought it might be interesting to document how we did it, just in case anyone needs help in jumping the first hurdle. We plan to make most of the post public, but there may be the odd one that isn't so feel free to friend the journal tashnsophduncan.

We also have a twitter account which is set to auto update with notifications of posts on the LJ and we may twitter other things there as well.

Thank you to everyone who has shown us support in this; you really all have been wonderful friends. If you'd all continue to keep your fingers crossed for us we'd be most grateful :D.
Tags: info: book writing

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