Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

A reminder about Fluff Friday

From fyredancer again :)


♥ - Fluff Friday will be Friday, June 18th.

♥ - Fluff Friday is NOT fandom or fic specific. It can be any fandom; it can be a picspam, art, fic, link post - give us fluffy things to read and look at and enjoy! Example picspam. It does not have to be a new work, it can be a fluffy in-progress work.

♥ - On June 18th fyredancer will put up the organizational post, along with code you can use to publicize Fluff Friday and link back to the post. Make YOUR post on your own journal or community, then drop a comment in fyredancer's public post along with a link to your contribution. It must be unlocked so that everyone can enjoy.

Three steps to fluff. The profit? Everyone gets warm fuzzies!

Tags: ficfest: fluff friday

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