Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Random! :D and birthdays

I'm just having breakfast and it got me thinking ... y'know these light spreads, like Flora and Olivio etc ... well I do like them, especially the ones that taste really good but lower cholesterol at the same time :) HOWEVER, I have one problem with them and I was wondering if anyone else has found the same.

It's the whole spreading them on bread that's the issue; they don't stick to the knife. Butter sticks and means you can spread if very easily, but these light things just slide off the knife half the time. The oft used, hard learned knife flick at the edge of the bread to scoop up the excess and go back for the next sweep almost always ends with spread on the plate or chopping board rather than back on the bread. It is most frustrating.

Well I did warn you it was random ;)

Now on to the important bit:
Happy Birthday to:
demonesskage for today,
talaria_now for tomorrow,
kissmyassterisk, ai_no_ame and reddwarf75 for the 16th,
psychicherz for the 17th,
tabitharjones, aphy_snape and agreva for the 18th,
allika, erestor_and_fin andkawaiililme for the 19th and
dramaticpirate, feltons_world andkaalee for the 20th

Many Happy Returns to you all.
Tags: info: birthdays, info: general

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