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Fic: Reformation 05/05 (Corruption Sequence Pt 4), HP, Harry/Draco, NC17/18

Title: Reformation 05/05 (Corruption Sequence Pt 4)
Author: Beren
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story is set post OOTP but went AU before HBP came out.
Summary: Harry is officially free, but that does not mean he is ready to return to his normal life and he is still very aware that he can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous. He is also beginning to realise that his relationship with Draco is anything by simple.
Sequel to: Fourth in the Corruption Sequence after Pt1 Corruption | Pt2 Distortion | Pt 3 Alteration
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta (don't know what I'd do without her :)).
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Chapter 5 Moving the Lines

The next morning brought with it blessed normality, or at least what passed for normal for Harry these days and he was actually feeling more relaxed. The Ministry hadn't shown their hand yet, but it seemed to be clear which way they were leaning. That meant that Harry let Draco go off to lessons with only a little reluctance and he actually managed to concentrate quite well through his subjects. Draco returned at lunch time, along with Hermione and Neville, Ron was dealing with something to do with the Quidditch team, and Dobby brought them all a very nice selection of what the kitchen had to offer. They were eating and talking, and well just being friends when Jeremy popped into his frame.

"Sorry to disturb you, Harry," Jeremy said with a smile, "but the headmaster wonders if he might be allowed in."

"Of course," Harry said immediately.

It didn't sound urgent, but you could never tell with Dumbledore. When the headmaster walked in, he was carrying a small bundle under one arm and a rather large flat something in the other; he was, however, smiling brightly, so Harry thought this was probably a good visit.

"Good afternoon," Dumbledore greeted in his usual, slightly dotty manner, "please, do not let me interrupt your lunch. I am merely here as a delivery boy."

When Albus Dumbledore was just a delivery boy the world would end, but Harry wasn't about to challenge him on it. It did pique his interest though and he couldn't help wondering what could have dragged the headmaster all the way from his office.

"Firstly," Dumbledore said, while sporting the biggest smile, "a few students pressed upon me to deliver this."

He produced the large flat thing that appeared to be some sort of homemade envelope.

"I believe they have been working very hard on it since the news broke," Dumbledore explained and twinkled at them.

The predicted pile of cards from the Hufflepuffs had never materialised, but Harry had the sinking feeling that was because they had been working together. He stood up and carefully took what he suspected was a giant card from the headmaster.

"Um, thanks," he said, looking at it dubiously, "would you mind if we opened it after lunch?"

His reaction seemed to amuse the Headmaster somewhat.

"Of course not, My Boy," was the cheerful response and Harry found himself being patted on the shoulder.

He placed the large envelope against the edge of the sofa and sat back down.

"And now, Draco," Dumbledore said, grabbing Harry's attention, because everything concerning Draco did these days, "this is for you."

The headmaster passed the other small bundle to Draco, who took it and placed it on his knee. He didn't appear to know whether to open it right then or not, so Harry gave him a small nod; he felt safer with Dumbledore there when there were strange parcels involved. Logically he knew that the headmaster would never allow anything through that might endanger Draco, but it made him feel better that Dumbledore was there.

Opening it, Draco revealed a thick scroll, and the most obvious thing on it was the Ministry seal. Harry's heart began to beat a little faster. All the signs had been good, but Harry never underestimated the Ministry's ability to take the most obvious situation and hash it up, so he waited, all but holding his breath. Draco carefully picked up the scroll to release the seal and, as he tipped it sideways, something fell out into his lap. Harry might had squeaked, just a little, but he was admitting to nothing. There on Draco's legs was his wand.

"I believe, My Dear Boy," Dumbledore said, twinkling beyond belief now, "that the scroll contains a full account of the Ministry's investigation and their findings, as well as their decision to drop all pending charges."

Harry beamed at his lover and then threw his arms around him. It was the best news and he felt a knot inside of him finally releasing. Draco was safe; Draco had his wand back; Draco was looking at him as if he was an overexcited Hufflepuff. However, he was unrepentant and hugged him a bit more.

"Go on then," he said, grinning like he'd lost what brain cells he had left; "you know you want to."

Draco just rolled his eyes, but reached out anyway and reverently curled his fingers around the handle of his wand. There was no other real way to describe reconnecting with a wand except to say it was a perfect moment, and for just a second Harry could see that on Draco's face. Of course Draco, being a Slytherin, wiped it away pretty quickly, but it had still been there.

"Thank you very much for delivering this personally, Professor Dumbledore," Draco said, almost formally.

"Not at all," Dumbledore replied with a smile, "it was my pleasure, and now, I will let you all finish your lunch."

"You can join us if you want, Sir," Harry said quickly as his manners caught up.

"Thank you, Harry," the headmaster replied, "but I would not dream of interrupting you young people any further. I wish you all a very pleasant afternoon."

There was a general consensus of things like 'you too' and then the headmaster was gone, leaving the rest of them with lunch. By that point Draco had slipped his wand into his sleeve and was popping the seal on the scroll. Hermione, of course, was brimming over with curiosity, so Harry let her and Draco worry about the details, while he just enjoyed the fact that Draco had finally been cleared. It was a very nice feeling and nothing marred it until after Nev and Hermione left, leaving him and Draco alone.

"We should open the card," he finally decided after all the lunch things had vanished.

"Do we have to?" Draco asked, actually sounding a little scared.

Harry didn't blame him, Hufflepuffs could be scary sometimes.

"Yeah," Harry replied, playing up to the face Draco was making, "I think we do."

There wasn't a lot that could wreck his day now anyway, but he was just a little worried. He picked up the giant envelope and placed it on the table and then very carefully opened it. Nothing happened immediately, so he gained in confidence and, with Draco's help, pulled out the card. It was sweet really, all hearts and ribbons and wishing him and Draco good luck in bright letters on the front, so he opened it. That was his mistake. There was a small explosion and it suddenly appeared to be raining glitter and hearts all over the immediate area. It wasn't a shower either; it was a deluge and it covered everything.

"I may have to kill them," Draco said simply; "this is simply undignified."

When Harry turned to look, Draco was as covered in glitter as everything else and there were little metallic hearts all through his hair. He couldn't help smiling; it was adorable.


When Jeremy announced he had a visitor, Harry just assumed it was one of his friends. He knew it wasn't Draco, because they had arranged for the Slytherin to come back after dinner since Draco thought he should show his face in the Great Hall again. The news of the first sensible decision the Minitry had made was all over the school, so Harry had absolutely no fears of letting him go at all. Harry was presentable, not wandering around half naked or anything, and he had finally managed to remove nearly all of the glitter, so he just told Jeremy to let his guest in. He really didn't expect to look over from where he was putting a book back and find Narcissa Malfoy standing in his room.

"Mrs Malfoy," he said in a rather shocked tone.

"Mr Potter," Narcissa said with a small nod of her head, "I apologise for visiting unannounced, but Headmaster Dumbledore said it would be best to come straight away."

Harry wasn't quite sure what to say.

"Um, yeah," he said, a little bit lost, "please, come in. Can I get you anything, tea, perhaps?"

Falling back on learned habits seemed like the best idea.

"Thank you," Narcissa said with a slight smile, "but no, I am fine thank you."

Narcissa was wearing a very fine dress and matching jacket and her hair was piled on her head in fine blonde tresses; Harry felt rather underdressed.

"Please, have a seat," Harry offered and walked over to the sofa and chairs, waiting for his guest to sit down before he followed suit, "what can I do for you?"

"Mr Potter," Narcissa began.

"Harry," he put in since it seemed polite.

"Harry," Narcissa corrected herself, "please call me Narcissa. I have come to see you because of my son."

It wasn't really unexpected and Harry nodded; it was difficult to isolate any of the myriad of emotions that ran through him at that moment.

"Until now I have stayed away because I believed reminding others that Draco is part of the Malfoy family would have been detrimental to his position," Narcissa explained, which was more than Harry thought he had a right to expect given the circumstances, "but since he has now been officially declared innocent I came as soon as I could."

That of course begged the question why she was there with him. It suddenly occurred to him that maybe she was taking Draco away and he had to squash some rather nasty impulses.

"I wanted to ask you a question, Harry," the woman continued politely, "if I may?"

Harry nodded; he wasn't sure what timbre his voice would come out at that moment as he did his very best to control himself, so he didn't speak.

"How much of what was written in the Prophet was true?" Narcissa asked and Harry could tell that the woman seemed all but lost.

He knew Narcissa and Draco were close and he could only imagine how Narcissa was feeling, thinking that maybe she did not really know her son at all.

"The part where we are a couple now," Harry said, using the sympathy he felt for Draco's mother to soothe anything else he was thinking. "I changed the dark mark the morning after our first night together here. Professor Snape helped us concoct the rest of the story; Draco has not been hiding anything from you."

Narcissa's face actually showed her surprise then, clearly she had not expected such a direct response.

"Please excuse me," she said, regathering her composure; "I must apologise for once again underestimating you, Harry. You are a very direct young man."

He even managed a small smile at that.

"As Draco would say," he replied with a shrug, "I am a Gryffindor."

Narcissa smiled as well at that and then she sobered, looking at him in a contemplative manner.

"I do not claim to understand what exists between you and Draco, Harry," Narcissa said eventually. "After what happened at the manor I find it hard to comprehend, but I know my son well enough to know he would not tie himself to you out of simple gratitude. You have done more for him than anyone else, but he has more of a heart than his father ever did and he would not give himself over for that."

Harry found himself reaching out and he placed a hand on Draco's mother's arm very gently as she tried to explain herself. It was in that moment that he realised one simple fact.

"I love him," he said plainly, voicing what his brain had finally admitted and he has known in his heart for ages. "All of me, every different facet, every creature inside of me; we love him."

He wasn't one of those people who was good with words and always knew what to say, but he saw Narcissa's uncertainty and he responded to it. He could not explain it any other way. Draco was as much a mystery to him as the Slytherin had ever been, he could not speak for Draco, but he could speak for himself. He was tied to Draco in ways he did not understand and he didn't know if Draco was as tied to him, but it didn't make any difference.

It dawned on him at that moment that Draco's get out of jail free card had been completely obvious all the time and he felt just a little bit of an idiot for not seeing it. The truth had been staring him in the face and, all playacting aside, he now knew what was real.

"I have lived with a man who forgot he had a heart for too long," Narcissa said, looking him in the eyes, "I find I have forgotten that sometimes the simplest explanation is the truth."

Harry wasn't quite sure what that meant.

"You might have to explain that sentence," he admitted sheepishly and Narcissa smiled at him.

"I will leave that to Draco," the woman replied and patted his hand gently.

That was the trouble with dealing with Slytherins; often they left you hanging.

"Now, I believe I was in error before," Narcissa said, sitting back in her chair; "if the offer of tea is still open I would very much enjoy a cup."

For a moment Harry was caught completely wrong footed by the change of direction, but he recovered quickly. He had mostly expected Narcissa to find out what she wanted to know and leave, but it seemed that was not the case.

"Right," he said with a smile, really not sure what was going on now at all, "of course," and he cast the spell to summon Dobby.

Harry was bad at small talk and he couldn't help wondering if someone would come and rescue him.


"What on earth did you say to my mother?" were the first words out of Draco's mouth when he entered the room.

Harry put down his homework and looked over at his lover.

"Um, why?" he asked, hedging his bets.

"Because she described you as adorable," Draco said, throwing his outer robe over the back of one of the chairs, "and that is a term she usually reserves for babies and small fluffy animals."

Harry lifted an eyebrow at that; as far as he was concerned there were many ways to describe him: dangerous, lethal, dark, potentially psychotic. Funnily enough, adorable was not on the list.

"She didn't hit her head on the way to see you did she?" he asked, just a little worried.

Draco rolled his eyes and then grinned.

"Maybe she was right," was Draco's comment and Harry had no idea what he had done and the way Draco sauntered towards him cut off most of his higher thoughts anyway.

He totally forgot about his homework when Draco climbed into his lap and kissed him. Considering the fact that it was usually him who initiated sex, probably because he always had sex on the brain, this was a very nice surprise.

"I want to celebrate," Draco said, between kisses: "I'm free of the shadow of the Ministry, my mother has vetted my boyfriend and adores him and you look simply irresistible sitting here."

"Your wish is my command," he replied, snaking his arms up Draco's back.

"Really?" Draco asked with a wicked smile and just for a second Harry was worried.

For a moment he had forgotten he was talking to a Slytherin. However, rather than reveal what was going through his head, Draco just kept kissing him and Harry was all for that. It was only when Harry went for the fastenings on Draco's clothes that his lover pulled back.

"Come on," Draco said, climbing off his lap, "I want a shower."

Harry's disappointment at Draco moving away transformed into pleasure in an instant; he never complained about ways to get Draco naked in short order and as long as he could keep his hands on Draco his incubus was happy. Draco led them into the bathroom, turned on the shower and then stripped without further ado, all of which Harry watched with great interest.

"Over dressed, Harry," was all Draco said, smiling at him and climbing under the spray.

Just occasionally Harry might be slow at picking up on things, but that come-on he heard loud and clear and pulled off his clothes as fast as physically possible. Draco actually laughed at the speed with which he managed to make it under the water with him. He wound his arms around Draco, pulling their bodies flush and revelling in the touch of flesh on flesh as he kissed his lover deeply. There was nothing in the world more intoxicating to him than Draco. For a while Draco let him have his way, responding to his kiss and his touches with just as much passion, but eventually Draco pulled himself away.

"Wash first," Draco said breathlessly, "sex afterwards."

Harry might have objected, but he did rather like seeing Draco's smooth skin covered in suds.

As it turned out, Draco had been serious about the washing, not that Harry made many objections when he found out that Draco meant clean everywhere. The way Draco was touching him and he was touching Draco, just made him that much more excited. Harry had never thought of putting a shower head to quite the use Draco did.

When they were both clean to Draco's satisfaction and before Harry could take charge again, Draco smiled at him, turned the water down to a trickle and slipped to his knees.

"Oh," Harry said, since that was about as coherent as he could manage as Draco, quite simply, swallowed his cock.

His back hit the wall and he had to scrabble to remain standing while his lover sucked him off. He wasn't used to being wrong footed when he came to sex, most of the time he had led where they went, but it seemed that Draco had decided he wanted to drive this evening. Part of Harry was not sure he liked it, but the rest of him thought Draco's tongue was amazing and, when he hollowed his cheeks and sucked, it was mind blowing.

"Draco," he said in a warning tone as he felt himself beginning to lose control as his incubus nature rose to the surface, but Draco only pulled back a little, still holding him and licking him as his physiology changed.

Having his more demonic nature on the surface didn't seem to faze Draco at all, in fact, if anything, Draco became more enthusiastic. His lover began to work him with his hands as well as his mouth, playing with his balls and his shaft along with licking and sucking and all sorts of other wonderful things. Harry was in heaven and he wasn't sure he had seen anything as debauched as Draco, on his knees, sucking his cock.

The familiar tightness began to grow and wonderful shots of excitement began to run through his body.

"Draco," he said breathlessly, trying to give his lover some warning of what was coming, but Draco didn't seem to care.

Draco did not even pause in what he was doing and Harry couldn't stop himself, he felt himself about to go and he gasped and at the very last second Draco pulled off, just in time for Harry to come all over his lover's face. Harry's knees all but gave out as his desire, his passion, his possessiveness and his incredible orgasm all fired at the same time. There was something more debauched than Draco on his knees sucking his cock and that was it.

For his part, Draco stayed right where he was for a while, just looking smug, before slowly standing up.

"Good?" Draco asked, as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Yeah," was about all Harry could find to say.

Turning the water back on to full, Draco stepped fully under the spray and washed himself off, before leaning in to Harry and kissing him again.

"Let's get dry," was the next suggestion, but Harry caught Draco before he could step out of the shower.

He pushed his lover up against the wall and laid his own body over Draco's so they were skin to skin from chest to toe and then he began kissing Draco's neck. He really didn't care about being dry and he wanted more of Draco right then. Draco let him have his way and did not object, for a while at least.

"Harry," Draco finally said, trying to push him away, "not yet."

In the beginning that would not have worked, Harry would have pushed for what he wanted, but he was more in control now. It took a lot of effort, but he did manage to pull back.

"Dry," he said, as if trying to convince himself, "time to get dry."

Draco smiled at him and pecked him on the cheek for the effort.

By the time they made it out of the bathroom, Harry's nerves were singing; he needed Draco as much as he needed air and he was more than a little frustrated that Draco had not let him have his way in the shower. The blowjob had been good, never let it be said he was ungrateful, but it just wasn't quite enough. When they had full on sex something in him was satisfied which was left wanting by everything else.

"I want to try something," Draco told him as his lover kissed up his neck.

The growl that came out of him was totally out of his control, but it wasn't supposed to be a warning, not really. For all the effect it had it might as well have been a purr when Draco drew back and gave him a look.

"I know what you want, Harry," his lover told him with a slight smile, "and you can have your wicked way with me later, but there's something I think you might enjoy."

It took a lot of effort for Harry to stop himself from simply throwing Draco down onto the bed. He knew Draco would let him if he insisted; they were both aware that sometimes Harry was not completely in control, but he resisted.

"Good boy," Draco said leaning forward and kissing him on the lips; "your control is getting better all the time."

Harry wasn't so sure it was his control at all; he thought maybe it was Draco's, but he didn't mention it out loud. After all, Draco was a Slytherin and Harry did have some self-preservation instincts some of the time.

"Now climb onto the bed," Draco said, smiling seductively, "on your hands and knees with your arse in the air."

Instinct warred with instinct as he tried to decide whether to blush and obey or just give up and throw Draco onto the bed anyway.

"Draco, this is hard," he said, feeling his body demanding things of him as his incubus tried to take over again.

"I know," Draco replied and the playfulness was gone, replaced by what seemed to be genuine understanding; "all I ask is that you give me a little warning if you are going to lose control."

It sounded so reasonable, but Harry didn't exactly feel in a very reasonable mood. He bit his lip, using the very slight pain to make his body pay attention to his mind and he made himself move. His cock hung heavy, already hard again and demanding his attention and his need eased a little when Draco climbed onto the bed behind him and stroked him firmly.

"This is called rimming, Harry," Draco told him, stroking his cock some more to keep him occupied, "and I have it on very good authority it feels very, very nice. I doubt you've heard of it, being of innocent Gryffindor stock."

"I'm not innoc..." his voice cut off when he felt Draco press his face against his arse and a tongue swiped over his hole.

He was incredibly sensitive to all things sexual and Draco's very direct assault on a distinctly erogenous zone took away his voice for a few moments.

"Bloody hell," was about the most sensible words he managed to get out even after that, especially when Draco did the same thing again.

The sheer intimacy of what Draco was doing held him still. The sexual nature of the act spoke to his incubus very loudly, but his human side was caught as well and it made him tremble inside. He and Draco had done some things, but nothing that felt quite like this and especially nothing with Draco being the instigator. Draco's tongue was firm and hard against him, pushing at the tight ring of muscle and sending thrills through him. It was amazing and for a while it was wonderful and enough, but that feeling inside his chest was growing and it didn't feel right. Draco was making him come undone a second time, but he needed more.

"Draco," he half said, half growled as he felt the incubus surfacing completely again, "I can't ..."

"How about you try?" was Draco's response to that as his lover pulled back and then moved to beside him on the bed, also on his hands and knees.

Harry needed no second invitation, shifting back behind Draco and admiring the smooth curve of his lover's arse. All his in sweet surrender and Draco just hummed quietly when he reached out to touch him.

"Take me with your tongue, Harry," Draco said breathlessly; "prepare me for that big, hard cock."

This was one thing Harry had not tried before, but the idea filled him with desire and he bent down, at first just teasing the skin of Draco's buttocks with his lips. Draco was waiting for him, arse in the air, legs spread in perfect supplication and Harry wanted nothing more than to take his lover there and then. Unsure, but wanting to please Draco, he swiped his tongue over Draco's hole and the way the muscle quivered under his touch had him doing it again. It delighted him and intrigued him and now he understood why Draco had been so insistent they both be completely clean. All he tasted was clean flesh that was very much Draco.

At first he copied what Draco had done to him, but he was an incubus; he was designed for sex and his tongue was far more versatile than a human's. Smiling to himself, he pushed his tongue against Draco's entrance and then he let it change shape and grow. The end became almost pointed, slipping inside Draco easily and not splitting, as it lengthened and widened.

"Harry, oh god," was Draco's response, not that Harry could reply of course.

He was pretty sure this was what Draco had envisioned and he was more than happy to give his lover what he wanted, especially when Draco began to make breathy, panting moans. He moved his tongue in and out of his lover, ever so slowly, feeling Draco's muscles tremble under his touch, loosening and taking him more easily with each stroke. Draco was surrendering to him in the most intimate way and it was wonderful. Of course, it was not completely perfect and it was not all Harry needed; it satisfied him for a long time as he took Draco apart and made him writhe, but he needed that one step more. Finally pulling away, he knelt up straight and moved in close, lining himself up and sliding into Draco's needy hole in one slow stroke.

Draco let out a choked sound and fell forward a little, but that just improved Harry's angle and he began to move his slick cock with little thrusts of his hips. He knew what made Draco whimper in need, what made Draco cry out in part pain, part pleasure and he knew what could make Draco come without even having his cock touched and he intended to use them all. Part of his mind sneered at him for being in love with this fragile human, but his pleasure and need were now all wrapped up in Draco's and he never wanted that to change.

He claimed what was his and tried to give pleasure in equal measure as he angled his pelvis and thrust deep into Draco. He wanted Draco to feel just as good as he did, after all it was Draco's celebration. He could feel Draco's arousal and need building and he fed it with every thrust, taking his lover higher and higher.

"Harry, please," Draco begged.

Such desire and want poured out of Draco with those two words that Harry could not deny him, taking pity and reaching round to take hold of Draco's cock. It was all too clear that his lover could not take much more and plans or no plans he gave in and took the shorter route. Buried ball deep in Draco, he pumped his lover's cock and Draco cried out, all but instantly coming, his whole body shuddering time after time. Energy flooded into him and out of him as he felt so completely connected to Draco that it was almost frightening. He gripped Draco, leaning over his lover's back and came, still seated deep within his lover. His magic ripped free of his control as it had done that one time before and Draco cried out again beneath him as his lover's orgasm rekindled to its original intensity.

Harry's mind shut down any sensible thought, riding out the wave of pleasure along with Draco and his skin was prickling in a very familiar way by the time he could gather any brain power together at all. This time the little shots of lightning were not a surprise, but that didn't mean he didn't pull away and collapse in an exhausted heap as soon as they were gone. He still didn't know what he was doing to Draco, if the expression of power even meant anything other than that he was claiming Draco completely as his own, but it definitely didn't feel bad.

Draco just collapsed on the bed where he was and looked at Harry with heavy, lidded eyes.

"Lightning again," was Draco's tired, but satisfied comment.

"Hmmm," was as close as Harry managed to a word.

"We might have to look into that," Draco commented, flipping onto his back and then just lying there.

"Hmmm," Harry replied, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

It felt right and at that moment that was all that mattered to him.

Sometime later, having recovered somewhat, they were just cuddling, something Harry was beginning to think he really liked. Having Draco close was comforting and it settled all of the creatures inside of him. It made him feel calm, which was rare in his new world.

"I love you," he said, the words just popping out before his brain caught up with his mouth.

He had admitted it to Narcissa easily enough, but he hadn't planned on saying it straight to Draco. He had come to know Draco very well over the past few weeks and declarations of love was not something he thought Draco would be comfortable with, but he'd said it now and he wasn't talking it back. Draco didn't say anything in return, just lay there, facing away from him as their bodies were spooned together, but he knew Draco wasn't asleep.

"Pettigrew," Draco said eventually, after what seemed like ages to Harry; "he was my only contact with the outside world. Voldemort wouldn't let me see anyone else, even the house elves weren't allowed to talk to me."

It was not an 'I love you', but Harry got the message and squeezed Draco gently to show he understood.

"At first he just used to come and give me Voldemort's message and go," Draco continued to tell him, "but then, once he realised I wasn't likely to be in Voldemort's good graces any time soon, he changed."

Draco shifted in his arms and Harry could sense his discomfort.

"It started when he offered to take a message to my mother for me," Draco said quietly; "he pretended to be all concerned for me and I almost fell for it, until he named his price. He wanted sexual favours; nothing as grand as Voldemort he assured me, just a hand job or two, maybe a blow job. I told him to go to hell."

Harry barely suppressed the growl that wanted to rumble through his chest, as he thought of Wormtail propositioning Draco like that.

"After that it just got worse," Draco explained as Harry held him; "his suggestions became more lewd by the day. I think he spent most of the day thinking up what he was going to say to me. He even suggested that the reason I didn't want anyone else was that I was far too close to my father. Now my father may have been all kinds of a monster, but he never laid a hand on me."

Ever so gently Harry stroked Draco's arm in silent support.

"I think the only thing that stopped him doing anything to me, forcing me," Draco eventually began to speak again, "was that he was afraid what Voldemort would do. He spelled me with ropes more than once and pretended he was going to take what he wanted, but he never had the guts to do it."

"He's an evil little coward," Harry said, finally needing to speak, "and he will get what he deserves."

Draco did not reply, but did move back against him so their bodies were perfectly aligned. All Harry could do was pet his lover gently and hold him as he went over what he now knew in his mind.

"I made him a squib," he said suddenly, calling to mind the one thing Dumbledore had told him about Wormtail that he had not shared with his friends.

That made Draco turn and look at him.

"What?" was the rather unSlytherin like question.

"The experts in St Mungo's," Harry explained, feeling no guilt about it now, "they think he's a squib now. I think I absorbed his magic while I had his soul."

That caused a glint in Draco's eyes, one that reminded Harry very sharply that he was in no way dealing with a Gryffindor.

"Good," Draco said and settled down again, "I hope he lives a long and pain-filled life knowing that he can never use magic again."

Harry might not have been so cruel with anyone else, for a wizard to lose their magic was almost worse than death, but when it came to Wormtail he whole heartedly agreed.

"I hope they put him in Azkaban and throw away the key," he said and snuggled back down against Draco.

Wormtail dead would satisfy the more bloody parts of his nature, but Wormtail in the same place he had put Sirius, with no magic to help him; that was a better revenge. It was not a nice thought, but it made him feel just a little bit calmer about the only person left that he truly hated.

"There's a spot just below my left shoulder," Draco said, distracting him from his darker thoughts; "it's a bit stiff."

Harry smiled into Draco's hair; he knew Draco was trying to take his mind off what they had just talked about, but he did not object and moved back a little, placing his fingers on Draco's back. When he moved them in slow, firm circles, the moan Draco gave was more than worth the effort.


It was getting late and Harry was mostly asleep with a dozing Draco in his arms when Dobby popped into existence beside the bed.

"I is sorry, Harry Potter, Sir," Dobby said quietly, "but Headmaster Dumbledore is asking me to deliver this if Harry Potter is not yet asleep. It is arriving by special delivery."

Dobby held out a pure white envelope with gold lettering on the front spelling out his name.

"Thanks, Dobby," he said, moving very carefully to take the offered letter without waking Draco.

He had been on the point of falling asleep, but he didn't want Dobby to think he was upset with him, so he did not show any annoyance. It wasn't Dobby's fault that a house elf's definition of still awake was probably not what Dumbledore had meant. Dobby smiled at him, bobbing a little bow and then vanished again.

For a moment Harry thought about putting the letter on the bedside table to look at in the morning, but then he realised he was awake and that curiosity was getting the better of him, so he gently freed his other arm from under Draco and opened the envelope. Inside was a card, also embossed with gold lettering.

"The Order of Merlin cordially invites
Harry James Potter
to the Hall of Merlin on the 21st December at 6pm
for a ceremony to honour those who have aided in the war against the Dark.
The Order also wish to bestow on Mr Potter their highest award:
The Order of Merlin First Class
Please use the complimentary owl to respond."

In all the excitement he had almost forgotten about Rita's question about the awards and he put the invitation down with a shake of his head. Clearly Dumbledore had sorted out that Ministry balls up, but Harry had no idea if he would go. A few days ago he would have refused outright, but he knew there might be reasons that it would be worth the effort and he would talk to Draco and the others about it in the morning. He didn't even know where the Hall of Merlin even was, but if it meant they could further their plan to get rid of Fudge, he would find out.

Lying down, carefully he wrapped his arms around Draco again and tried to forget everything in the peace that that brought him. He could worry about everything else after the sun came up.

The End
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: reformation, fandom: harry potter, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: series, genre: creature fic, genre: fantasy, genre: vampires, genre: werewolf, pairing: hp - harry/draco, rating: r to nc17, series: corruption, type: fiction

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