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Fic: Reformation 04/05 (Corruption Sequence Pt 4), HP, Harry/Draco, NC17/18

Title: Reformation 04/05 (Corruption Sequence Pt 4)
Author: Beren
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story is set post OOTP but went AU before HBP came out.
Summary: Harry is officially free, but that does not mean he is ready to return to his normal life and he is still very aware that he can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous. He is also beginning to realise that his relationship with Draco is anything by simple.
Sequel to: Fourth in the Corruption Sequence after Pt1 Corruption | Pt2 Distortion | Pt 3 Alteration
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta (don't know what I'd do without her :)).
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Chapter 4 The Story Is Told

Harry thought that maybe he could actually feel the change in atmosphere in the school when the late edition of the Prophet arrived. Dobby brought him a copy as soon as it arrived and he had read the front page article and the two other pages that went with it. He hated to admit it, but Rita had done a good job reporting the facts as well as giving a romantic edge to it; he was almost beginning to like the woman.

They had decided that for appearances sake, mostly for the Slytherins' benefit, Draco would make an appearance at dinner in the Great Hall. Harry didn't really like it, but Hermione and Ron had promised to keep an eye on him, so he had finally agreed. Given the information about Harry's premonition no one was getting on to school grounds without the headmaster knowing about it, so letting Draco out of his sight was only slightly traumatising.

At one point he was sure he had felt shock coming from Draco, but it was quickly followed by amusement, so he hadn't reacted. However, he was still on his feet and checking Draco over the moment his lover and his friends returned from dinner.

"Did you eat anything at all?" Draco asked, looking at the dishes that were still on Harry's table.

"No," Harry replied simply; he had been far more worried about other things to have been bothered with food.

Draco rolled his eyes, grabbed Harry's wand from Harry's back pocket and summoned Dobby.

"What can I be doing for you Master Draco, Sir?" Dobby asked cheerfully, as ever, delighted to be useful.

"I'm sorry, Dobby," Draco said to the house elf, "but Harry was too preoccupied to eat his meal, do you think you could find him a new helping of something please so that it's hot?"

"Of course, Master Draco, Sir," Dobby replied with a huge smile, and then vanished along with Harry's ignored dinner plates.

Harry narrowed his eyes at his lover, which it appeared, amused Hermione, Ron and Neville no end.

"I'm not hungry," Harry said in a pointed tone.

"Yes you are," Draco replied and gave him back his wand, "and you need the calories; Snape says your metabolism is still adjusting, which takes fuel, Harry."

Somehow he felt as if he had just been patted fondly on the head, although Draco did not lower himself to such displays.

"Sit, eat," Draco told him and pecked him on the cheek, "and we'll tell you what happened in the Great Hall."

"Oh, it was brilliant, Harry," Ron said enthusiastically and before he could object, Harry found himself being swept over to the table and seats and ensconced next to Draco on one of the sofas.

Sometimes Ron's version of brilliant left something to be desired, so Harry looked at Hermione and Draco for confirmation.

"It was demonstrative," was Draco's opinion on the matter and Hermione just smiled.

"Well someone tell me," he said, just a little exasperated.

"Pansy slapped Draco right across the face," Neville said and Harry lost whatever sense of humour he might have had.

"She what?" Harry all but growled, but Draco placed a hand on his leg and stopped him reacting any further.

Pansy had dared lay a hand on his Draco; he was very, very unhappy.

"She hits like the silly little girl she is," Draco told him calmly and patted his leg gently; "it didn't hurt and it was useful."

Harry was not overly mollified, in fact his hind brain was beginning to plan several possible nasty fates for Pugface Parkinson.

"How?" he asked, doing his very best to contain his temper.

"She was screaming all sorts of things," Hermione stepped in to explain; "about Draco being a traitor to Slytherin and a fool and leading her on all this time and, well, you can imagine what she was like when she got going."

"Draco was brilliant," Ron said and there was that word again and in conjunction with a Malfoy which Harry had never in a million years had ever thought he would have heard from a Weasley; "he just stood there and let her rant."

Why there had been a spike of shock from Draco was now obvious, but Harry didn't quite understand the amusement. He looked to Draco for the answer.

"She dug her own hole," Draco said, giving him a rather pleased smile. "I just waited until she had finished and then asked her who had won. I think it made the point to the rest of my house very neatly. There should not be any trouble from that direction once I get my wand back. Some of them may bow to pressure from their parents until then, so I will still have to be careful, but most of them aren't stupid."

It was all very Slytherin and Harry wasn't sure whether to approve or be appalled; he settled for disgruntled at Pansy and proud of Draco.

"I still don't think you should let me anywhere near Pansy if you want her in one piece," he said, just as his new dinner appeared on the table.

That made Draco smile even wider.

"I may have quietly mentioned to her how upset you get if someone attacks me," Draco told him, clearly enjoying it; "I don't think I've ever seen someone go quite that pale."

Hermione laughed at that.

"I wondered what you said to her," Hermione commented as if it all finally made sense; "she didn't seem interested in staying for dinner after that."

"I suspect she's writing to her daddy to come and get her right now," was Draco's amused response.

Now that mental image did appeal to his darker nature and he finally smiled a darkly satisfied smile.

"You know," Neville said with a grin, "it is so creepy when you do that; makes me think of a spider with a fly."

Harry might have been worried or annoyed by that, if Nev hadn't added: "Going to be useful when we make a move on Fudge; he'll wet himself."

Draco picked up the plate of beef stew from the table and handed it to Harry with a no nonsense expression on his face. He took it, but he didn't start eating.

"So how did everyone else react?" he needed to know for his peace of mind.

"You could almost see the hearts in the eyes of the Hufflepuffs," Ron said with a laugh and Draco made a face.

"Hopeless romantics, every one of them," Draco said as if that was possibly one of the worst possible things they could be. "Mention true love and the lot of them lose what intelligence they ever had and end up with the I.Q. of a Puffleskin."

"You two will probably have half a ton of cute cards by the morning," Hermione said and was clearly amused by this.

The fact was, Harry didn't think his and Draco's relationship could ever be described as romantic given how it had started. Of course he wasn't on the outside looking in and he hadn't just read a made up story about how they had been together for months.

"The Ravenclaws seem to think the whole thing is being over romanticised, but, on the surface, all appear to believe it's for the best," Hermione explained and stole a carrot from his plate.

"And the Gryffindors?" he asked, a little nervous about his own house; they had some very strong views about Slytherins.

Hermione gave him a sympathetic smile for his worry.

"They're still digesting it," Neville told him, seemingly also realising his anxiety, "but no one is reacting badly. They just need time to think it all through and then they'll be fine; it's just Draco being Slytherin that's holding them back."

"Trust your house to choose this one time to actually think about something," was Draco's sardonic comment.

That managed to raise a small smile from Harry; it was rather ironic, but that news did make him feel better. He finally skewered a piece of beef with his fork and began to eat.


Even though the article had been printed in the Prophet, Harry was still on edge, he couldn't help it. He had let Draco go to breakfast and his lover would be going back to lessons, but that didn't mean his whole being wasn't focused on his lover. They were connected now, Harry could feel it, and when he was in such a heightened state of awareness he could sometimes sense things from Draco. The flash of distaste when Draco had found shell in his scrambled eggs had not been particularly useful, but it did at least give Harry something mundane on which to focus.

He really wasn't sure how he was going to get through the morning, he could barely sit still, so lessons were going to be difficult. It didn't help that it was Potions first and he was sure he was going to end up losing points for Gryffindor if he managed to stay in the lesson at all.

It was a shot of alarm that was not his own that had him rearing to his feet and sending his breakfast table crashing to the floor. Unlike the previous evening the shock he felt running through him from Draco did not morph into anything else and fear for his lover ripped at Harry's control. This time when he ran to the door he did not even try and call Jeremy; he knew the portrait would not let him out, so he went straight for his goal: escape.

He pushed against the door, feeling the magic pushing back at him, stopping him breaking through, but this time he was scared as well as angry. The premonition had affected him badly and he was still very much focused on his lover. It was partly a matter of survival; instinct drove him to protect his means of sustenance, and it was also possessiveness; instinct again forced him to keep what was his, but it was a whole bunch of very human emotions as well. It was those that pushed him over the edge and his magic flared, all the aspects coming together in their one need and it felt as if he was pushing through plastic rather than onto wood.

It was hard and it hurt as he pushed, but he was totally focused. The door melted around him, or he melted through the door, he wasn't quite sure which, but it felt as if bits of him were being dragged apart. Only as he came out the other side was there any relief, but he didn't have time to take notice of it. He was set on his task and that was all that mattered and he flowed from man to wolf, ripping through his clothes, without even thinking about it. Getting to Draco was the only thing on his mind.

Someone screamed as he ran past in one of the upper corridors; he thought it might have been Trelawny, but he wasn't really paying attention. He knew where Draco was without needing to pause and he simply ran, occasionally through things when necessary. Nothing and no one was going to stop him and he finally rounded a corner to see Draco standing against a wall with a group of Gryffindors in a semicircle around him. They were not too close and none of them were holding a wand, but Harry still didn't like it and he skidded to a halt, growling.

It was Dean who turned first and the boy's eyes went wide and he went to go for his wand.

"Don't move," Draco said very firmly and very quickly.

Harry swung his gaze to his lover, looking him over for any sign of damage.

Luckily for them the Gryffindors obeyed Draco's barked command and none of them did anything at all. Harry glared at them, adding another growl for good measure.

"Harry, enough," Draco said, voice not so much as quavering and he looked back at him straight away.

Being bossed around was not something Harry liked at all, but, as seemed to be the case now, Draco's peculiar relationship with him kicked in and he found his hackles slowly lowering. He was not happy, but it was beginning to become clear that the danger was no longer there and nothing but mostly calm feelings were coming from Draco.

"Come here," Draco said in a warm tone and held out his hand in a welcoming gesture.

With one more look at the assembled Gryffindors, Harry trotted over to Draco who let him sniff at his hand and then his body. There were no other fresh scents on Draco, confirming that Draco had not been manhandled, not like last time, which made Harry relax a little more.

"Satisfied that I'm okay?" Draco asked him once he had finished his inspection and he gave a snuffle of a reply.

Only at that point did he really begin to start thinking again and it occurred to him where he was and what he had just done to get there. He flowed back from wolf to man before his animal instincts could get the better of him, at which point he realised it was very chilly in most of Hogwarts when you were naked. Draco gave him an appreciative up and down before slipping off his outer robe and slipping it over Harry's shoulders.

"You were worried," Harry said, still under the influence of his instincts enough not to die of embarrassment.

"Well you'd be worried when confronted by a delegation of another house," Draco pointed out, letting Harry look him over yet again.

Harry couldn't help it, he really couldn't; the vision of Draco bloody, bruised and dead was still too clear in his mind.

"We only wanted to talk to him, Harry."

It was Seamus who had the courage to open his mouth first, but the Irish Gryffindor almost flinched back when Harry rounded his gaze onto him. He was feeling just about protective enough to enjoy that reaction rather than find it unsettling.

"I believe," Draco said, placing a hand on his arm and stroking gently, "they were being Gryffindors."

Harry frowned, he wasn't sure what that meant exactly.

"They wanted to know my intentions," Draco added and he still wasn't clear; "towards you," was the final clue he was given.

The light dawned and Harry finally caught up; he had thought the interview had been pretty plain and he was beginning to understand Draco's point about Gryffindors being dense.

"Everything in the Prophet was true," he said simply, looking at the others, finally letting the last of his fear for Draco go.

The problem was, with it went his protection from really analysing what he was doing and where he was and one fear was quickly replaced by another: fear that he might have actually hurt the people who had been his friends.

"Harry," Draco said, taking his face in both hands and making him look him in the eye, "everything's okay."

He felt a little light headed as the ideas that had been running through his head came back to haunt him. If Dean had got to his wand he wasn't sure what would have happened.

"Look at me," Draco demanded as he tried to look away; "everything is fine."

"I..." he started to say.

"Rushed in like an idiotic hero," Draco interrupted, refusing to let him finish. "Nothing happened; you didn't hurt anyone and you wouldn't have, okay?"

Harry was not so sure.

"Okay?" Draco insisted.

It amazed him how much faith Draco seemed to have in him; it shone in his lover's eyes and made him feel somehow whole. He nodded; faced with that belief he couldn't do anything else.

"Good," Draco said and to his surprise kissed him.

It wasn't a long kiss, or a passionate kiss, but it shocked him enough to keep him from spiralling into worry over his actions. The incubus part of him whispered at the back of his mind that he could easily push Draco up against the wall and have his way with him, but luckily his sensibilities were more prevalent and he managed to quell the urge.

"Later," Draco said with a small smile, as if reading his mind, "for now, we need to deal with the delegation."

The whole group of Gryffindors were looking at them with open curiosity when Harry dragged his eyes away from Draco. There were Dean and Seamus, Lavender, Colin and a third year Harry didn't know very well, he thought the boy's name was William, in the group.

"Sorry, Harry," Dean said and did actually look apologetic; "we didn't mean to scare you, we just wanted to know the truth and make sure you would be okay."

It was a very Gryffindorish sentiment and Harry did understand it; they had been looking out for him. The fact that he could feel when Draco was in trouble was not something that anyone had seen fit to bandy about and the current situation wasn't really anything anyone could have predicted.

"I ..." he tried to tell then why he had reacted the way he had, but, as usual, any mention of the premonition caused his voice to lock up.

"Like the article said," Draco stepped in for him smoothly, "Harry had another premonition; in it I died because of the Ministry being idiots. He won't be settled until it's all over."

Harry squeezed Draco's hand in thanks. He would have added something himself, something not directly to do with the premonition, but time was not on his side.

"Exactly what is going on here?" a very familiar voice asked and Harry looked round to see Professor McGonagall standing in the corridor.

All the other Gryffindors were looking anywhere but at their head of house, but Harry met her gaze.

"I got the wrong idea," he said simply; he didn't want anyone getting into trouble.

The way the professor looked at Dean and the others on one side of the corridor and Draco and him on the other, he doubted she couldn't figure out some of what had happened, but he hoped his head of house would not push the matter.

"So much so that you decided to break out of you room, Mr Potter?" Professor McGonagall asked and raised both her eyebrows.

"I'm feeling very jumpy at the moment," he replied, holding on to Draco's hand firmly, "because of ..."

Words failed him yet again, but he could see his message was received. The professor looked at the other Gryffindors.

"And what exactly happened to give Mr Potter the wrong idea?" she asked in her usual stern voice.

"I believe," Draco stepped in smoothly, "that Harry's friends wished to check the validity of the Prophet's report for themselves, Professor, and I am a little unsettled myself, given the situation, and they startled me."

It was an understatement of the situation, but Harry prayed McGonagall would accept it; more tension was not what he needed.

"Very well," Professor McGonagall said after a few seconds silence, "misunderstandings can happen so easily; I trust it will not happen again."

All the Gryffindors nodded very definitely.

"Good," the professor said in a very final tone, "then I believe you all have places to be. Mr Malfoy, you and I shall escort Mr Potter back to his room."

Professor McGonagall did not have all the secret ways to move around Hogwarts that the headmaster did, but she managed to find a route to the Room of Requirements that did not cross too many well travelled paths, so Harry didn't have deal with too many people. He really wasn't quite sure how to react to what he had done, since he had just proved that even Hogwarts couldn't keep him in if he wanted out. It was unsettling to say the least; his previous episode had made him think he had proved that he was contained, but it turned out he wasn't.

"I will send a note to Professor Snape," his head of house told them as she delivered him back to relative security, "explaining why you will be a few minutes late, Mr Malfoy. I trust it will only be a few?"

Draco nodded politely.

"Of course, Professor," Draco replied in kind, "I will just make sure Harry is okay."

That satisfied Professor McGonagall it seemed, because she did not move to enter the room.

"Do try not to fret, Harry," she said gently, just before turning to leave; "I do not believe the headmaster ever thought this room would be a prison, more a safeguard, which it still is. I have found in the time I have known you, that you react to situations as necessary, and I think, perhaps, that this morning's incident was necessary and will serve you both well."

It was a very long speech from a usually reserved teacher and Harry took it to heart. He still felt off balance and less protected than he had, but he could see what his head of house was trying to tell him.

"Thank you," he said and he genuinely meant it.

With that Professor McGonagall turned and walked off with her usual efficient stride.

"Come on," said Draco and ushered him into his room; "let's find you some clothes."


Draco had given him a little pep talk before leaving, but Harry was amazed that he'd been able concentrate at all during the first lesson of the morning. Snape had raised an eyebrow at him when the man had first seen him, since he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but since he only had one complete uniform at the moment (he really needed to buy some more) and he had torn it to shreds, he hadn't had much choice. There really was no mending clothes that looked as if the incredible hulk had been wearing them.

That was why, when the mirror cut out without him asking it to, just as he was in the middle of his potion, he was rather surprised.

"Crap," he said loudly; he'd been reading the instructions from the board.

It was annoying to realise his potion was going to be ruined through no fault of his own.

"Harry Potter, Sir," Dobby's voice made him turn.

He hadn't summoned the house elf, so he assumed the small creature had been sent.

"The Headmaster is asking if you would be kind enough to join him in his study," Dobby said with a bob of his head; "he is sending Dobby to clean up your potions for you."

That was a bit of a shock.

"He wants me to go out there?" Harry said, looking at the door.

He'd only been back in his room for an hour; he wasn't sure he liked the idea of leaving its safety again. Dobby bobbed his head again.

"The Headmaster, Sir, is saying that there are people who wish to talk to Master Draco and that to be avoiding misunderstandings Harry Potter should be invited too," Dobby said somewhat apologetically.

Harry's reluctance was wiped away with just a few words and he put his wand back in his pocket and stepped away from his potion brewing.

"Thank you, Dobby," he said, doing his very best to appear calm, even though his heart was beating a mile a minute.

Logically he knew Dumbledore would never let anything happen to Draco, however logic didn't always hold a lot of sway. The events of earlier had proved that and Harry walked towards the door quickly. This time it opened for him and he stepped out into the hallway, schooling his features into as neutral as he could manage. He hadn't really had time to analyse how it felt to be outside and free after his previous escape, he had been more worried about Draco, but he had a little time just then. The magic of the school was so clear to him and he could sense the bustle of life. His instincts wanted to drag him in all sorts of directions, so he squashed as many of them as he possibly could and focused on the ones that wanted to protect Draco.

Setting off, he walked quickly, heading straight to the headmaster's study and doing his very best to ignore everything else. He had no choice but to pass through the main parts of the school, but with lessons in progress he met only two people and even when they stared at him he simply kept walking. The gargoyle let him up when he produced the latest password and then he ascended to the Headmaster's office, stepping through the door and doing his very best to appear completely calm.

"Ah, Harry, thank you for coming so quickly," Dumbledore said from behind his desk, "do come in. You know Auror Tonks and this is Auror Newline."

"Wotcha, Harry," Tonks said, smiling at him.

"Hello," he replied, walking forward and giving Newline the once over.

If the Ministry had sent Caveo he might have had to kill the man, but Newline didn't seem to be hostile and didn't seem to mind the scrutiny.

"Tonks and Newline are here to record young Mr Malfoy's new mark for the official records," Dumbledore explained with a benevolent smile. "I thought it best you be here so there were no misunderstandings."

His break out was probably news all over the school by now and he was not in the least bit surprised by the headmaster's reasoning. Clearly the plan 'Reintegrate Harry' had gone up a notch thanks to his own actions.

"Thank you," he said, sitting down in the chair furthest from the Aurors.

"If we can confirm what was reported in the Prophet this morning," Newline said in a very pleasant manner, "then it will help greatly in expediting Mr Malfoy's case."

Harry wanted to demand that the case be dropped instantly, but he knew that would do no good, so he just nodded silently.

"I hope you don't mind me saying, Mr Potter," Newline said in a very cheerful tone, "but I find your case fascinating. I studied magical beings in university before I had a moment of insanity and joined the Aurors. I must say your core magic must be incredibly rich to not have been overcome by the magic added to it. I was very impressed when I read the report."

Harry just blinked; that was not what he had expected. Newline was in fact a polar opposite to Caveo and it finally began to dawn on Harry that maybe this was actually all a formality rather than something sinister. He looked to Dumbledore, who just smiled at him, only backing up his supposition.

"Thank you," he said, looking back at Newline, "I think."

Newline actually smiled at him for that, but before the man could reply the door opened again and Draco stepped in.

"Ah, Draco," Dumbledore greeted in his usual cheerful and benevolent manner, "I do apologise for the interruption to your lesson. Please come in."

Draco nodded and walked over to stand beside where Harry was sitting.

"If I may ask," Draco said politely, "what is this about, Headmaster?"

"We're here to record your new mark for the records, Cuz," Tonks said with her usual irreverence.

"Since it would be imprudent to remove you from the safety of Hogwarts," Newline added in just as cheerful a tone, "we were sent to retrieve a record for the official transcripts. Given the circumstances, Madame Bones had ordered your case to be considered immediately and so we need to do things by the book."

"Oh," was Draco's response, clearly that was not quite what he had been expecting, anymore than Harry had been.

Given the Ministry's idiocy even since Harry's defeat of Voldemort, the new approach was a little surprising.

"Of course," Draco said, gathering himself, "what do you need me to do?"

"It's just like what we did the last time," Tonks said with a smile. "If you want to sit down, we'll check the mark for other spells, then make an official record to take back with us; totally painless, well unless I trip between here and there and fall on you."

Harry did his best to appreciate Tonk's attempt at humour, but he wasn't feeling much like joking around, so he gritted his teeth even as Draco smiled graciously. His eyes zeroed in as Draco rolled up his sleeve and all his instincts screamed 'Mine' as he saw the mark there. It took quite a lot of effort for him to sit still when Tonks walked over and pulled out her wand.

"No worries, Harry," the female Auror said brightly, "I promise he's safe and sound."

At least she seemed to understand, which helped a little.

The spells Tonks used were designed to identify any spells on Draco's mark rather than just cancel them, which made them more complicated than Rita's cursory investigation. Draco just sat there looking totally calm and holding his arm still for the whole process and Harry tried to be similarly stoic, even though he knew Draco was not quite as calm on the inside. The final spell caused an image of Draco's arm and the mark on it to float up into mid air, then it rolled itself up like a scroll and vanished with a pop.

"All done," Tonks announced with a cheerful smile and then stepped away from Draco, putting her wand away as she did so. "Thanks again for letting us come so quickly, Professor," she said, looking at Newline who stood up, "we'll stop bothering you now."

"Thank you for your efficiency," the headmaster replied, standing and walking around his desk; "and please pass my thanks to Madam Bones for dealing with this matter so efficaciously."

Everything seemed so friendly, but Harry was still not comfortable with Aurors, not even Tonks, being anywhere near Draco, which was why he sat still and concentrated on not doing anything while Dumbledore passed pleasantries with the pair and showed them out. In fact he was only going to be happy once they were off of school grounds.

"Well I am very glad that is over," Dumbledore said with a smile as he walked back to his desk. "My hope is that this situation will be resolved very soon now that it is firmly within the public eye."

Harry just nodded; he agreed with that totally.

"Now, Harry," the headmaster said, smiling at him in a very fatherly manner, "about this morning..."

His stomach fell; he hoped he hadn't ruined anything.

"I have to be honest and let you know that I have not believed the Room of Requirements could hold you if you were determined to get out for some days now," was the explanation that made him blink at the headmaster. "Professor Snape has been monitoring your condition very closely and we are both of the belief that as your aspects settle they are becoming more cohesive, making you a very powerful young man."

Harry wasn't sure how to react.

"We had hoped to allow you to believe this was not the case for a little while yet, to give you peace of mind," Dumbledore explained kindly, "but alas, we have been foiled. I would like to suggest we keep the existing precautions in place to protect you from unwanted visitors and to mitigate, shall we say, possible tantrums, but put avenues in place, that should you wish to gain access to the rest of the school, you may."

"That sounds like a very productive way forward," Draco said in a pleasant tone and made Harry look at him in shock.

"Um," was as close as Harry came to a sensible answer.

"Thank you, Professor," Draco said, standing and reaching out to take Harry's hand, "don't worry, I'll explain why it's a good idea to Harry and he'll come round."

That shook him out of his shock.

"I am sitting here," he pointed out, just a little annoyed at being talked about rather than to.

Draco just smiled at him.

"Of course you are, My Boy," the headmaster said and also smiled at him, "and now I believe, if an old man's time keeping is not too off, you should have a few minutes to talk before your next lessons. Would either of you care for a lemon drop before you go?"

Harry gave up; he was surrounded by insanity.


It had taken Draco a little while to re-convince him that he was not now a danger to the entire school, but after that the day had gone quite smoothly. So smoothly in fact that he was doing some of his homework when Draco arrived just before dinner and he found he hadn't even realised the time. Draco had decided he had made enough of a point by appearing at three meals to show that he was not Harry's lap dog that he and Harry could have dinner together again.

"You've spelt that wrong," Draco said, pecking him on the cheek and peering over his shoulder at his work and pointing to part of the spell he was writing about.

"Oh, thanks," he said and corrected it.

His academic efforts were improving with Draco around as well.

"So," Draco said while he continued to write his essay, "hungry?"

There was something about the way Draco said it that caught his attention and he looked up to find Draco, pulling off his Slytherin tie and opening the top buttons of his shirt to reveal his long, pale neck. It had been so crazy over the past couple of days that Harry had forgotten what day it was, but as Draco smiled at him with a very 'come hither' smile, he remembered rather pointedly. It was Draco's day to donate blood and it looked as if Draco was looking forward to is as much as Harry was.

Turning, Draco walked away from him, calmly sitting down on the bed, kicking off his shoes and crossing his ankles in a very demure pose, just looking at him. Harry did not need to be invited twice and he stood up, homework all but forgotten as he walked over to where Draco was sitting. Sometimes, when he caught himself thinking in very human terms, he was still amazed that Draco was his, but the rest of him knew it with every fibre of his being.

When he leant down and captured Draco's mouth for a kiss it felt so right that, for one, all his aspects were in agreement and he let the vampire rise to the surface. His body was reacting to Draco's closeness, but his incubus nature was, for once, content to remain in the background.

"Move back on the bed," he said, letting his voice resonate as he spoke.

Draco did so without question, moving to the centre of the bed and settling there with a smile on his face. The way Draco lay down, opening his shirt, had Harry immediately crawling on to the bed as well, but he controlled himself, making his body move with careful precision rather than raging need. He could see Draco's approval in his eyes. He pushed one knee between Draco's legs, forcing him to spread them and placed the other on the outside of one of Draco's thighs while leaning over his willing prey. Part of him revelled in Draco's surrender and he leant down, ever so gently kissing Draco's neck.

With the vampire at the surface, he could hear the steady beat of Draco's heart and smell the burgeoning arousal that their position was causing in Draco. It was a heady combination and he used his tongue to feel the pulse beating under Draco's perfect skin.

"Harry," Draco whispered his name almost as if it was a prayer and he obeyed the request.

Opening his mouth, he placed his razor sharp fangs against Draco's neck and, ever so carefully, pushed them in. Draco gasped in pain, reaching out to grip his shoulders, but the moment blood hit Harry's tongue that sound changed to one of pleasure. Harry did not hold back, he opened himself completely to Draco, allowing the full pleasure to flow into his lover. Draco bucked up against him, bringing Draco's erection into contact with his hip and his erection into contact with Draco's and he moaned around the bite. Sex and blood at the same time nearly blew his mind and his imagination conjured all sorts of thoughts about how it might be if he did this while buried deep in Draco in another way as well.

He drank longer than he needed to, just because it was so wonderful, but it was only a little too long and he did managed to force himself to stop, pulling his fangs from Draco's throat and sealing the wounds with his tongue. Draco was breathing hard and whined quietly at the loss when he stopped feeding, but Harry was not about to abandon his lover and rolled his hips. For once there were no sensible words from Draco's mouth, only moans of pleasure. They were both still in their clothes, but Harry didn't care, he just kept moving against Draco as his lover clung to him, angling his hips for maximum contact. It was rough and ready, but feeding from Draco had affected Harry far more than feeding from anyone else did and they were both so needy it didn't matter. It didn't take long either as Draco's breath began to come in shorter and shorter gasps and when Draco came, pushing up against him and shuddering out his pleasure, Harry came too, dragged along as his incubus took full advantage of the sex.

They ended up in a panting heap with Harry doing his very best not to squash Draco underneath him as he tried to drag his body and brain back into some semblance of order.

"Wow," Draco said eventually as they rested without so much as attempting to move; "it better not be like that for the others."

Harry couldn't help himself; he laughed.

End of Ch 4
On to Ch 5
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: reformation, fandom: harry potter, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: series, genre: creature fic, genre: fantasy, genre: vampires, genre: werewolf, pairing: hp - harry/draco, rating: r to nc17, series: corruption, type: fiction

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