Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Have new desk!!!! Woohooo!

My new desk finally arrived! I have a desk that I can write at and not get horrid back ache :D

My beloved put it together for me last night and set up the PC (I have three screens :D). I did my bit too, I hovered and held something in place once and watched Heston making a 70s feast on the TV ... okay, I know, I such at D.I.Y. - Rob does much better if I stay out of the way.

Okay, back to finishing today's MMOM fic ... I had to stop in the middle of the sex scene when Rob wanted to take the old desk apart last night :).

Then it's back to the book - almost done :D *does happy dance of joy*

Then it's on to Reformation (C4) and finally tomorrow's MMOM.

Pray I don't get my fandoms muddled up ;)
Tags: info: fic writing

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