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Merry Month of Masturbation 2010 - Master List

Merry Month of Masturbation 2010 - Master List

So this year I have decided that every day will be creature fic - possibly I am a little insane :). Below you will see a table of posted fics and a table of the ideas that I have for the rest of them. I don't guarantee that all the fics will turn out as suggested, but I thought I'd give you an idea of what I'm planning :).

Posted Fics
01Stuck!Figure Skating RPSJohnny/EvanNC17/18IncubusJohnny's medication runs out at entirely the wrong time when he happens to be trapped with Evan Lysacek of all people. He isn't sure things could get any worse.
02Call Of The WildSpeed Skating RPSApolo Ohno/J.R. CelskiRWerewolfApolo has wanted J.R. for a long time, he's just never allowed himself to succumb until now. He never expected the reason why J.R. had had all of his attention for years even though he tried to deny it.
03Lips of Cherry RedTokio HotelBill/OMCNC17/18VampireBill meets an intoxicating man at a party, a man who is not as human as he looks, and Bill finds that he is willing to give more of himself than he would have expected.
04Lighting the WayPanik RPSLinke/David/TimoRElfLinke did not leave Panik and go to the U.S. because he wanted to; he was told to. Only now, ten years later, have the Elven Elders given him permission to return home.
05The Fatted CalfHighlanderRichie/MethosNC17/18WerewolfRichie was infected by a werewolf just before the Ahriman situation. The old legends say the only thing that can kill a werewolf is silver, not burning, not dismemberment, only silver.
06The Alternative YouFigure Skating RPSJohnny Weir/Evan Lysacek/Stéphane LambielNC17/18ElfAn anonymous person gives Johnny a mirror, only it's not just a mirror, as Johnny finds out when it transports him to another world. What he finds there affects the way he looks at his own life in very significant ways.
07Signs of the FatherMerlin (BBC)Merlin/ArthurNC17/19IncubusMerlin wakes up to find that all is not quite right with the world; people seem to be reacting strangely around him.
08In the Wake of ChangeHarry PotterHarry/DracoNC17/18VanpireOn his twenty first birthday Draco discovers he has vampire blood and he end up hunting Harry Potter.
09Through the Eyes of a WolfIce Skating RPSJohnny Weir/Evan Lysacek, Apolo Ohno/J.R. CelskiNC17/18WerewolfWhen Evan takes Johnny to a dinner and they meet Apolo and J.R., Johnny's reaction to the short track skaters gives Evan some information about his lover he never would have dreamed of.
10From Under HillAvatarJake/Tsu'tey (ish)NC17/18ElfThe mixing of human and Na'vi has awakened a very old race.
11ProgressTokio Hotel RPSGeog/Gustav, Georg/Tom, Georg/BillRIncubus (sort of - I cheated) Georg is accosted by a strange man in the airport and then weird things begin to happen involving sex.
12I Left My Heart in SwitzerlandFigure Skating RPSJohnny Weir/ Stephane LambielNC17/18VampireWhen Stéphane turns up on Johnny's doorstep in the middle of the night his first instinct is to think Stéphane might be having some sort of mental breakdown; turns out it has more to do with fangs.
13Gift of the BeastMerlin (BBC)Merlin/ArthurRWerewolf (sort of)When Merlin is bitten by a wolf in the woods he finds himself becoming very possessive of Arthur.
14From the Mists of TimeHarry PotterHArry/DracoNC17/18ElfBits of Hogwarts seem to be failing and a magical circle has appeared in the Great Hall. Harry and Draco end up in the middle of finding out what it's for.
15FocusSkating RPSJohnny Weir/Stephane LambielRIncubusOne night during KOI Stéphane and Johnny have a very peculiar experience which leads them to find out something about Evgeni and their own relationship.
16Mirror ManTokio HotelBill/OMC, Bill/TomNC17/18VampireBill finds a secret room while on a photo shoot in an old country house. In the room is a mirror and in the mirror is a man who wants his soul.
17Seed of ChangeBlake's 7Avon/CallyRWerewolfAvon is lost on a wild world where the inhabitants are primitive and have unusual, dangerous abilities. Cally is the only one who can bring him back after he is bitten by one of the natives.
18The Monster Outside the ClosetPrimevalConnor/BeckerRIncubus (sort of)A creature from the future feeds off sex and its loose in the ARC.
19A Friend In NeedHarry PotterSirius/RemusNC17/18WerewolfRemus seems to have developed a new problem around full moon; Sirius is a good friend and helps him out.
20Strangest MeetingsFigure Skating RPSJohnny - soloNC17/18VampireJohnny is tired and seriously considering giving up, but a chance encounter gives him a new world view to consider.
21Don't Answer the Door to Strange MenShort Track RPSApolo Ohno/J.R.CelskiNC17/18IncubusBefore training begins everyone is in a hotel for a pow-wow and most of the team end up in Apolo's hotel room for a final blow out before diets and regime start. After he answers the door to a stranger, things get a little weird.
22The Strength of the ClanFigure Skating RPSJohnny Weir/Evgeni PlushenkoNC17/18WerewolfJohnny has been invited to stay with Evgeni; the thing is, he's not really sure why.
23Love or Lust?Poltergeist the LegacyNick/PhilipNC17/18VampireWhen Nick is taken by a vampire, Philip is willing to give his life to try and save him.
24Different on the InsideTokio HotelBill/TomNC17/18Elf When Bill stumbled on a stone circle he begins to change and he does not like being different from Tom on the inside, where it counts.
25Hunting the PreySpeed Skating RPSOhno/CelskiRVampireApolo finds JR collapsed on his doorstep and has to turn vampire hunter to save him.
26Beware Greeks Bearing GiftsHarry PotterHarry/DracoNC17/18Incubus Harry received a leather wrist cuff as a present and he rather likes it; what he hasn't realised is that it has a rather definitive effect on his sex drive.
27Mixed MessagesTokio HotelTom/OFCRWerewolf When Tom's eye is caught by a very interesting girl and she goes back to his room, he doesn't expect to need to be saved by Gustav of all people.
28The Affairs of ElvesMerlin (BBC)Merlin/ArthurNC17/18EvlesVisitors to Uther's court are not what they seem and are meddling in Arthur and Merlin's relationship.
29The Things InsideTokio HotelTom/BillRIncubusBill is having problems ignoring what he has always felt for Tom.
30By Moonlight's GlowMerlin BBCMerlin/ArthurRVampireWhen Arthur is infected by a vampire, Merlin has to try and cure him.
31The People You MeetTokio Hotel/Figure skatingBill/Tom/JohnnyRIncubus/VampireIt's amazing who you can bump into in airport bathrooms, especially in first class.

Total Word Count for 2010: 115,365

Tags: ficfest: mmom

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