Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Why is it ...

... that only the boring bits of my dreams have famous people in them and the really interesting bits don't? It's not like I don't think of these people in "interesting" situations (yes that is a euphemism for sex ;)) - just look at my fic.

The night before last I dreamt about Apolo Ohno (see sarahsan's awesome post about him if you would like to know more about him Now I don't remember in detail what the dream was about, but I do remember it being very mundane and he didn't get his clothes off once!

Then last night, I was dreaming about Johnny Weir, and do you know what the dream was about? The death of my potted herbs! How does that work. If I got JW on his own I would not want to talk about potted herbs; fashion, skating, music, yes, dead herbs - no, really not!

I feel ashamed of my subconscious.
Tags: fandom: ice skating

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