Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Happy Birthday to:
doomette, phoenixdragon2u, hogwartshoney and ninaelisabeth for today,
allhoneyboo, niza_74 , its_art and vihm for tomorrow,
_inzilbeth_, reinii, tesria, acciojosh, bouncy and the lovely haylzee for the 28th,
marfahz, inspired_looney, inwonderland_, niya429and leialiai for the 29th,
lucia_beth and whispers_of_me for the 30th,
fairlyironic for the 1st and
willysunny, aspiringdaxzy and mae_linda for the 2nd

Many Happy Returns to you all.

If I have missed you, my sincere apologies, it's because you're not on my spreadsheet. If you would like to be, please comment and I'll add you *hugs*.
Tags: info: birthdays

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