Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

La Forca - Haarlem

Okay, before I fall into bed half drunk (the grappa was really good), I must rave about the restaurant we have just been to.

If you are in the region of Amsterdam then you really need to go to a little Italian restaurant called La Forca in Haarlem. It is magnificent and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I rate is as highly as Reads of Faversham which I can rave about until the cows come home.

Not all the staff speak English, but all of them speak enough to get by (which is way, way, way better than my Dutch) and other communications take place with good humour and sign language. The main menu is only in Dutch, but if you go to the website and use google translate, you get a good version of it, and the staff will go through the specials explaining what they are. We had one fun moment when we were trying to work out what Quaiglies were and finally realised they were Quails ::g::. Some little flappy hand movements and some description got us there :).

On the normal menu the Egg plant with parmesan and mozzarella is stunning (like an amazingly soft lasagna) and from the specials I had the duo di mozzarella which was unbelievably good. I didn't think they would be able to out do the starters with the main, but, boy, did they.

The quails were cooked to perfection (there were two when they came) and they were served with little raisins that had been cooked in something and were plump and wonderful and little bursts of flavour. Rob had lamb, which was cooked so well it melted and it was with a beautiful compot of veg and balsamic and was stunning. Considering I don't usually like lamb, that is high praise from me ::g::.

I also had no idea you could improve on the humble potato chip (fries) - but it seems you can when you add garlic salt and rosemary!

The specials were amazing and the normal menu is magnificent.

For dessert you need two people because you want to share the chocolate soufflé and the Lemon Sorbet with vodka and prosecco - both are wonderful and had together as indescribable.

You all want to have a glass of the Marolo Barolo Grappa - it may be 10 euros a go, but it is a phenomenal end to the meal ;). They have other lovely grappa too (cheaper ;)), but the Barolo is amazing.

I also reccomend the Saliche Salentino Rose wine - it is lovely.

Okay, so having said all that, basically La Forca is an amazing restaurant and every one should go there ... I mean it, if you are anywhere near, you really, really, really, should :).
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